Saturday, October 27, 2012

Quiet Day

I did something to my back, I think when I was mucking this morning, and it was back to VERY painful today.  I did a little laundry, played a lot of card games on the computer, and sat with the goats.  So productive, I know.  Brett planted a cottonwood tree in the goat area.  Gophers killed the sycamore we planted there last fall. 




Sedona on patrol

Another warm day here.  Tomorrow we are driving three hours up the coast to look at a horse for Brett.  Stay tuned.


  1. uh oh. the 'wait and see' for flash doesn't look good.

  2. Was it yesterday that you told me you were going to wait awhile to do this?
    Ha Ha! But good for Brett! Please take lots of photos and keep us in the loop.

    Sorry about your back. Hope you improve before the long drive.

  3. Very exciting! Best of luck, I hope it's a great match.

  4. It's funny how our minds change from one day to the next!
    Hope the horse is good and your back gets better.

  5. Looks hot and dry there. Love those little goat faces and good thing you have that patroldog LOL. Take care of that back, those back/tissue things can be tricky, listen to your body. Fingers crossed for Brett although I'm sure looking is also hard...the final admition that his boy isn't going to be sound.


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