Sunday, October 28, 2012

Meet Drifter

We left early this morning for the three plus hour drive to Ojai where we would meet Drifter.  Ojai (pronounced OH-hi) is between Los Angeles and Santa Barbara in the coastal hills.  It was dark when we pulled out.

When we arrived, we walked out to the paddock to meet Drifter.  He gave us the once over.

and then the twice over...

Get a load of his mane.  The owner gave him the nickname "Mufasa" because of the glorious mane.

He stands a little oddly at times, with one hind leg splayed out.

But, other times he stands perfectly square.  He's even and sound at all gaits.  It may just be a quirk but we'll ask the vet about it anyway.

Over the past year or so, Brett and I have looked at horses online.  Flash is getting more difficult to keep sound and, honestly, how many injections and medications do you cram down their throats in an (unsuccessful) effort to enable them to do what is difficult?  We think Flash is ready to move to a more leisurely lifestyle; doing the things he loves like mounted patrol work and easy ambles around the ranch roads.  The tough, steep trails and the dressage work... not his favorite thing.  And difficult for him.  Very difficult.

So, yesterday when I saw the ad for Drifter I immediately ran down to the barn and snatched Brett away from his work.  Drifter does obstacles, he rides on the street in traffic (motorcycles don't even phase him), he's eight, he's tall and stocky, he goes up and down steep rocky trails, and he pushes big time with that hind end.  His gaits are really pretty.

See how he's standing weird? 

But not all the time.  Or even most of the time. 

Brett rode him in the round pen and then they trailered out for a long trail ride.

We put down a deposit, will send video to our trainer, and schedule a vet check.

...back home just as the sun was setting over the ridge.


  1. he sounds like a good boy. i hope all things check out well.

  2. Drifter and Brett look like a great fit. Hope all goes well!

  3. Have the vet check his back and hip well, but...also check his sheath. I have seen geldings do that sometimes when there is something irritating them there.

    He sure is a nice, stout, well built fellow. I hope everything works out, he looks like he would be a lot of fun and a real sweetheart.

  4. He sounds great, but you're right to worry about that back end, he's not square behind in any of your photos. Hope it's nothing...
    Do people give horses on trial in the US at all?

  5. He looks like a solid, good-minded horse - hope it all works out.

  6. Wow! You certainly do not waste any time. Good for you.

    I like his build. It looks like he has a decent set of withers, too.

    Shoes all around? Ask your farrier about his feet. I am sure you were already going to do that. ;)

    I guess the vet check will determine if you should worry about the white leg being placed awkwardly. Could it be a hindlimb, hoof, or back issue? Maybe, but it could also be uneven muscling or just a habit. Harley stands oddly at times and definitely does not have ideal conformation, but he is a sturdy guy. I hope Drifter is the same!

  7. He seems like a great horse. Hope everything checks out ok and he joins the herd at home.

  8. How exciting!!! May I also suggest having your chiropractor check that stance too - may be he's just got something outta whack a bit! Keeping hooves and fingers crossed. Flash will be happy to have a little bit more leisure I think.

  9. He's cute but in every photo that right hind is out a bit. I'd check that pretty carefully.

    good luck.

  10. Oh how fun!! If he passes the prepurchase exam and is physically able and ready to do what Brett wants, and has a sensible mind...just remember that Seabisquit won all those races with crooked legs!! There is no such thing as a perfect horse. Good luck!

  11. Great looking horse and he's been exposed to different things. That's a huge plus. Fingers crossed.

  12. Hi Annette!.....I like this horse, he stands as though he knows whats what.
    But most importantly, he stands square, a real business like stance, not bothered or phased. I wouldnt pass him up!

  13. How exciting - the prospect of another good horse. He and Brett look great together. Hope all goes as it should.

  14. He's very cute (although Ozzy laughs and says, "You call THAT a mane?") Hope everything goes smoothly and we get to hear lots more about him in the future.


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