Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Questions and Answers

We have many questions and one answer.

I'll do the answer first.  Gunner asked where I bought the new rugs for the kitchen.  They came from the Mission del Rey native American website.  This was my first time ordering from their website and I was pleased with the service and with the quality of the rugs.  They are rugs, not saddle blankets.  And, they are washable.  Sort of.  They are handmade, wool, and dry cleaning is recommended.  We don't wear shoes in the house and I purposely didn't put one of the rugs by the stove.  I'm hoping they stay relatively clean. 
Here's a shot of the whole rug.  I bought this runner and a couple small ones.

Flash is the first question.  This evening when the weather cooled down and we were both home from work, Brett longed Flash to see how he was moving since his hock injections.  He was sluggish and inconsistent in his tempo so it was hard to tell for sure.  But that is an improvement over last Saturday when it didn't require any thought to see that he was still off.  Brett is going to try riding him in the morning.

Brett's also starting to think about how much longer Flash will be sound to ride and wondering about getting another horse.  Brett isn't ready to stop riding yet but Flash is slowing down.  Way down.  Brett doesn't want a youngster - he dealt with six year old antics when we bought Flash and he doesn't want to go through that again.  He needs a horse with a calm, cool and collected mounted patrol compatible brain.  But he also wants to be competitive in lower level dressage -- and go out on the trail.  Anyone know of a tall, stocky, inexpensive horse that fits the bill?  I think this search is going to take awhile...  In the meantime, Brett is sad and depressed.  I know the feeling.  I look at him and remember going through the same emotions with Jackson.

The second question is less important.  I'm wonder whether Jackson will become sound enough for light riding.  He's been doing very well the past month, bucking and cantering off after his morning roll, striding around his paddock and hardly bobbing at all when he turns.  After Brett finished longing Flash, I got Jackson out and hopped on ... for about five minutes.  Max.  He stumbled a bit and turning wasn't comfortable.  But it was a very happy five minutes for both of us. 


  1. good luck with keeping the rugs clean. i know how you cook. they still wouldn't be safe 50' away from the kitchen.

  2. You & Jackson look so happy! I hope you have more rides together, maybe even a few trail rides :)
    Good luck if you decided to look for a second horse for Brett. I never enjoyed horse shopping, it's a nightmare (no pun intended)

  3. I can't tell you how great it was for me to see you on Jackson. What a beautiful picture. You are so loyal to him and he is deserving of the home and care he gets. If Flash is retired, I hope you will keep him too. I can just imagine how you and Brett feel about those two as my horse is now 27 and Abbe is never going to be sound all the time. Here I sit with amazing tack, an indoor and how much longer am I going to be able to ride? Regardless, they will be here for the duration.

    PS. I love those rugs.

    PSS. Brett, I hope you are started to feel better.

  4. Love your kitchen !!! Best of luck to Brett in the horse hunt - if that is what he decides.

    Jackson looks so content to have you sitting on him. =)

  5. i feel for brett - and flash - as i did with you and jackson...

  6. Oh my goodness, that is wonderful, Annette! Five minutes on our heart horses is an incredible gift. I feel very bad for Brett, though, having to make that decision. Once you invest the time and the heart into one particular horse, it's tough to walk away from all of that and start again. Very tough. Look at me, I still haven't been able to do it! I drag my feet like crazy. Cowboy was supposed to have not healed from the coffin bone fracture--and that's why I bought the young ones. Then he wasn't supposed to have stopped head shaking. And that is a possibility with Brett, too--if Flash were to become sound again. I suppose the door would have to be completely closed before he moves forward. It's just hard to know when the door really is closed. :/ Good luck.

  7. Third shot from the bottom - you can see the joy in his ears and in your smile. So what if it was 5 minutes, if it doesn't hurt him then take it and enjoy it when you can. It'll do you both good.


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