Monday, October 15, 2012

Taking it Easy

The weather here at Alisal has been beautiful.  The nights are brrrr cold and we walk briskly from our little cabin to the ranch room for dinner.  At night we sleep with the windows open a few inches and snuggle down deep under the blankets.  We sleep well here.  As a general rule, I do not sleep well away from home.  This place is an exception.  In the morning, Brett gets up just before 7:00 and goes to the ranch room to get me a mocha and the newspaper.  While he is feeding the horses, I light a fire and sip my coffee.  I feel very spoiled  and it is one of our Alisal rituals that I most love.  By the time we finish breakfast, the sun is warm and I can ditch my sweatshirt.  Usually, we go on a morning ride but today we headed up to Paso Robles to pick up some wine instead.  I am still very sore from my fall (Winston is dang tall!) but have been able to reduce my pain medication to half a pill so I am making progress. 

Tomorrow morning, we plan to ride the horses in the big rodeo arena.  Brett will walk Flash around and I will work Winston.  We made an appointment for later in the morning at the local horse clinic (excellent) for Flash.  Brett would like to get x-rays of his hocks so we have a definitive diagnosis.  It doesn't change anything but it does bring peace of mind.  I know it helped me when Jackson's x-rays clearly showed lamanitic changes.  Brett and Flash have been through so much together and Brett does not want to leave any stone unturned.  I completely understand and support his decision.  Flash is Brett's first horse, the horse who taught him to ride, his mounted patrol partner, his trail buddy and his passion.  They've done dressage shows together and memorials at the State capitol, they've climbed mountains and camped out, they've patrolled parking lots and Civil War reenactments.  From his back, Brett has carried flags, shot a gun and chased cows.  They've cantered on the beach and ridden into the surf.  There isn't much that these two haven't done together. 

And, they will still do some of these things in the future.  They'll be sticking to flat ground and skipping the mountains, though.  Brett is adjusting to the new relationship and he's trying to explain it to Flash -- who still wants to do and be everything. 


  1. Sounds like you are all doing a little better today. Take it easy.

  2. I wonder if the temperature drop is part of the equation? For sure in Winston's friskies, probably for Flash's lameness. How wonderful to have two soul-mates who both understand the meaning of a heart-horse.

  3. PERFECT in every way. You sound very relaxed and calm and Brett does deserve that peace of mind.

  4. I think an xray is a great idea. A horse like that is priceless and if Brett has to move on it's best he knows exactly why. Starting with a new horse takes a lot of emotional and physical energy.

    I just read about your trail ride yesterday. Those trail rides with big groups are scary for horses. When I've hosted rides around here I've never let anyone in the group trot or canter. I love to canter on the trails alone or with a partner I know, but I hate cantering in groups.

    About ten years ago I had a gun-ho friend who always liked to take off cantering on our small group rides without telling us. She'd even do it going her house. We loved to ride at her place, but I eventually stopped because it was so rude. No one ever got hurt, but it just a matter of time. Our horses weren't used to her ranch and woods, so when she started running like that they thought TROUBLE...not, oh, let's have some innocent fun. They were running for their lives...and I'd guess that Winston was in the same frame of mind.

  5. Best of luck with the x-rays. Data is a good thing.


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