Thursday, October 25, 2012

The Flash Saga, continued. Again.

Poor Flash.  And poor Brett.  Figuring out and fixing Flash continues to be a huge challenge.

Yesterday morning, Brett rode Flash in the arena.  He looked and felt fine at walk and canter.  They did a bit of warm up trot/jog and Brett didn't notice anything.  I was busy putting Winston away after lunging him so I can't say if he was 90% or 100% sound at the jog.  But, he was sound enough that Brett didn't feel anything.

On my way back to the house, I walked out and stood in the middle of the arena and asked Brett to trot Flash forward so I could see how he went.  Initially, he looked good.  Then he took a step on that left hind, stumbled, and was way off.  He didn't work out of it, instead it got more pronounced.  Brett said to me, "its like he pulled a muscle or something."  Hmmmm, that got me thinking that maybe we are dealing with a soft tissue injury.  I sent an email to our vet and she concurred that it was worth a try putting Flash on a soft injury recovery schedule.  We don't have the money to do an MRI or ultrasound so we will just try this. 

Brett is grumpy and discouraged... and broke.  Flash is on pasture rest for two weeks so Brett is depressed about not riding.  Let's just say Brett's not in a good place and leave it at that.  After the two weeks of rest, Brett can ride Flash for five minutes at walk, once a day, for a week.  Then 10 minutes a day, for the next week.  Once he gets to 20 minutes, he can add five minutes of trot building to 20 minutes; then add canter.  It's a long haul.  I've done it before with Auke, when he had a tendon tear, and it worked well but it does feel like forever.

Beautiful Day today -- Passage was soaking up the sun under a muck cart.

Now for a survey.  On a couple of blogs I read, the posts end with a shot of the garden or ranch or whatever.  The same shot, the same time of day, included on every post.  I like the idea and I like watching the changes so I'm going to do the same.  Or, try to do the same.  My question is: Which of the following "views" would you like to see at the end of every post?  The view with the most votes will be the one I use.

The Garden view

From the Front Porch view

From the Bedroom Porch view

Boulders and arena view

Barn to the House view

Across the Pasture view

Back Driveway view

I'll compile the votes over the next few days and start my "view shots" next week.


  1. Which one do you feel offers the most "change"? That would be the one to pick I'd think!

  2. I am sorry to hear that about Flash. I guess now Brett will have to be the one waiting to ride again.

    Your property is breathtaking!

  3. sorry for flash and brett. as for views, i say change 'em up.

  4. That is so frustrating about poor Flash. Do you have to confine him for his recovery period? I hate doing that, but sometimes it's necessary. I really really hope, fingers toes, arms and legs crossed that it works for him.

    The Garden View gets my vote. It's so pretty.

  5. Garden View please!

    Sorry to hear that Flash's issues are more serious than they seemed. Long rehabs sound like they require lots of patience... which can be challenging.

  6. Brett, we are on the same page. Berlin is still gimpy and I believe it is an abcess. Abbe has been lame off an on for 2 years. The vet said it was (soft tissue) the "superficial flexor tendon and the straight sesamoidean ligaments in her pastern" were injured. I did pay to have them ultrasound her and would not even consider keeping her on stall rest where she would have gotten worse. I tried many different things with her.
    What is your vet suggesting? We have to talk. Do you know what a pastern wrap is? have many choices for a sign off photo. I like seeing the animals.

  7. Poor Brett! Poor Flash! So frustrating.

    I like the view from the front porch, but I'd pick one that's easy to photograph no matter what the weather.

  8. I totally understand Brett's frustration. When Gen got hurt I was just sad and frustrated all the time. I didn't realize how not myself I was until I rode again. I am sure he doesn't want to step on your toes, but maybe a ride on Winston might help?
    Oh and I vote front porch view.

  9. I hope the plan for Flash works. It sounds reasonable, but as you note, it's a long time of not riding much.
    I like the front porch view! I don't think you're going to get a clear winner :)

  10. Oh no! Such a frustrating situation. I hope this is nothing that won't heal : (
    Love the shots of your place. Still looks like fall there. The leaves are all gone here and yesterday we got our first snow.

  11. this is so frustrating for you guys!

    Just a thought but have you considered that it might be a sacroiliac problem?


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