Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Getting Closer

This morning dawned cool and overcast.  The sun took it's time coming over the ridge and then played dodge ball with clouds all day.  I picked apples and Brett groomed the arena.  It was far too beautiful to be stuck inside the house.

I packed my suitcases; one for my conference and one for Alisal.  Then I went back outside and did some pruning and cleaning up in the garden.  Brett moved the compost piles and washed my car, the truck and the horse trailer.  We were busy.

At 4:00 Gayle came up to give me, Jeanine and Brett lessons.  Winston and I were first up.  He was hopping all over the place at the tie rail.  He is not used to being ridden at dinner time; I usually ride in the morning.  .  We ended up with a long, hard lesson.  Winston was showing lots of "Appy-tude" so I kept pushing him forward every time he protested.  He worked his tail off since he couldn't  focus.  When the donkeys ran around in the pasture, when Jeanine and Calibar walked down the driveway, when nothing happened at all... he decided to pop out of the contact, break out of canter, or otherwise focus on something other than work.  Despite the cold, I was hot, sweaty and exhausted when we finished -- and so was Winston.

After my lesson, I put a cooler on Winston, loaded my tack in the trailer, (ready for Alisal) and then took a quick shower and loaded my car with the conference suitcase while Jeanine took her lesson. 

Then I joined Gayle on the viewing stand to watch Brett's lesson.  They started out great.  Flash was walking well and was responsive to Brett's aids to be forward and round.  They looked great.  After a long warm up, they moved on to trot work.  Going left, Flash looked fine for the first half of the way around the arena.  Then he took a "hitchy" step and was definitely off.  They trotted around again in the hopes that Flash would work out of it but he didn't.  Brett changed directions and the gimpy steps disappeared.  He changed back, and the gimpy left hind returned so they stopped.  So, Flash isn't 100% yet but he is definitely improved.  Brett will take it easy with him at the Alisal and we'll cross our fingers that he continues to improve with the anti-inflammatory medication.

Brett was understandably depressed.  I felt horrible kissing him goodbye and heading down the mountain for my conference.  The meeting is two hours from home and starts at 7:00 tomorrow morning so I really needed to check in to the hotel tonight.  Friday morning early, Brett and Camille will drive the horses up to the Alisal.  Kyle will head down after finishing his classes at noon.  And I will drive up after my conference ends.  If all the stars align, we will all be there for the afternoon ride.  I'm ready.


  1. At least you are all agreed that Flash is improved. Maybe it will improve some more, given time.

    Winston looks AWESOME in the first photo, uphill, round & full of energy & expression.

  2. hoping all goes well - and flash improves...

  3. Love the term "appy-tude"! LOL Sounds like you have a great BIG weekend ahead. Have fun most of all and glad Flash is getting better although not 100%. I'm sure that is disappointing but sometimes the universe just doesn't work on "our" schedule.

  4. I never liked riding during feeding puts a real hitch in the experience. You and Winston look great. I sure hope Flash holds up. Can they give Brett another horse to use if he can't use him? So sorry love that pony. If you don't push him, he will continue to improve...just need time.

  5. How funny, we have exactly that kind of weather today. I'm hoping for rain. Winston looks really good. I take it your foot is better and hope Brett's shingles have improved too. After reading about his ordeal, I have decided that as soon as my infection is over with, I will get the vaccine. At least it's supposed to make it less horrible should you get it.

  6. What a busy day you had. Winston looks great. I can relate to the 'long hard lesson'. I'm back at it too.

  7. So sorry Flash isn't 100%.
    You and Winston look smashing! Those pesky distractions make for good practise for the show ring.

  8. Just checking in on my busy horse friend. Such a beautiful day. Have a safe trip. xo teri

  9. I'm all caught up with the goings on of Flash now! Wow. What non-Bute anti-inflam is he on? Would Brett be happy if he is only sound for trail rides?

    The pictures of you and Winston make it look easy!! You two are looking great together. You can see the relationship forming.


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