Monday, October 29, 2012

Video of Drifter

Here is some video I took Sunday of Drifter.  The owner rides him first, and then Brett got on.

I sent the video to our trainer Gayle last night.  She reviewed it and then gave Brett a call.  She thinks he is a really good fit and recommended going forward with the vet check.  She likes how he moves and she likes how comfortable Brett looks riding him.  I love Gayle.  She isn't focused on high dollar, big moving, warmbloods.  She looks at the rider and the horse, what they want, what they need, and their connection.  Her biggest question to Brett was "did you feel a connection with the horse." 

Fingers crossed on the vet check front.

Beautiful morning at Aspen Meadows.  My thoughts go out to all my readers and followers on the east coast.  Stay safe and dry.  Hurricane Sandra looks like she's going to blow hard.


  1. He looks great - hope all goes well with the vet check.

  2. Hey Brett, Flash is going to be jealous of Drifter. He's a beauty.
    Good luck with the vet check.

  3. I really like the way he is tuned and looking out for Brett. They look like they could be a good team. I hope all goes well with the vet check.

  4. He looks like a sweet horse. Hope the vetting goes well.
    Watching news of Sandy from here, it looks pretty awful.

  5. He seems to respond quietly and I like how he's paying attention to Brett. He moves evenly and reaches under himself nicely with his hind legs, and he has a relaxed neck. Once they develop a relationship, they'll really come together as a team. I like that your trainer asked that question too - very important to consider. How fun getting a new horse! I sure hope Flash won't be too jealous though...

  6. What a nice big sturdy guy. I hope the vet check goes great.

  7. I like how the owner rode him and posted the trot. Drifter moves freely forward and seems very willing, which is a good foundation for pretty much anything that Brett wants to do with him.

    I bet you that horse canters off of a "kiss". ;)


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