Sunday, October 7, 2012

Sunday Stills: On The Road

This morning we saddled up the horses and went for a leisurely ride around the ranch community.  My favorite "road" this time of year is our back driveway.  The Italian Poplars turn gold and drop their leaves.  We shuffle through gold, the donkeys and horses eat the gold, and the dogs lay down and disappear; their gold coats blending with the leaves.

When we went on our ride, Flash was even better than yesterday.  He walked out, loose and happy.  He has finished his three day loading dose of anti-inflammatory paste (not his favorite thing) and started his daily pill hidden in a mini fig newton (definitely one of his favorite things).

Winston was well behaved and brave, except when we rode by the community center play ground.  There were two small, squealing and laughing boys on the swings and another, larger, boy pushing them.  The swing chains were creaking, the boys were soaring high, and they were vocally happy.  It was very alarming.  Brett walked Flash across the road and parked himself right in front of the swings.  Flash went to sleep (nothing rattles that horse).  Winston couldn't decide which was worse: being abandoned by Flash or the swings.  So he pooped.  And then he walked across the street to be with Flash.  Good boy.

The rest of the ride was uneventful until we were almost back home.  A small herd of dogs rushed their fence and Winston spooked and cantered off.  It was a lovely canter, really.  I let him go a few strides, asked for trot, then halt.  We watched the dogs for a few minutes and then went back up our driveway.

Brett suggested letting Flash and Winston out to munch on the leaves this afternoon before we did chores.
Flash, could hardly believe his luck.

Winston followed close behind.

Tuffy was asked me why he and Finessa didn't get to go out and eat leaves.  I told him it was because he is a pain in the neck to catch.  He can eat the leaves that blow into Jackson's paddock. 

We were busy today getting ready for Alisal next week.  Brett put a rear cinch on his saddle and tried out a new breast collar he picked up this week.  His old one wasn't "the look" that he wanted for the two of them, serious soldiers that they are.  The new one is very nice, larger, with beautiful tooling.

I loaded my Western saddle and bridle into the horse trailer along with Winston's trail boots.  We've been going to Alisal for ten years -- and I still can't sleep at night from the anticipation as we approach the start of our vacation (Friday). 


  1. Lovely photos and I am glad Flash is feeling better. As an arthritis sufferer, I can tell you that the most important thing is to keep moving. Moderate exercise does more than any drugs or supplements. Just keep on going...

  2. Love all those golden leaves...such a mellow feel. Good for Flash. It won't be long before you set out for Alisal. Can't wait to see more pictures.

  3. That's really promising news about Flash :D
    Your golden fall colours are stunning, there's nothing like that here yet - I don't know whether to expect it or not!
    Looking forward to hearing all about Alisal.

  4. The leaves on your "road" are lovely and the boys look so darned good out there browsing. Good boy Winston for being'll get better as time goes on.

  5. Your "road" is just great. I wish I had that kind of path around my place. I hope you have a wonderful time at Alisal! Looking forward to pictures from there.


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