Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Excellent News

This morning Brett and I rode Flash and Winston in the rodeo arena here at Alisal early, before Flash's appointment at the Alamo Pintado equine clinic.  Brett figured if Alamo Pintado treats Olympic horses, it might just barely be good enough for Flash.

Our ride in the arena went well.  I didn't take a pain pill because I wanted to be fully alert so it was a bit painful.  I have to admit, I was apprehensive.  There's nothing like a couple hard falls off of a bucking horse to shake your confidence but my Winston was back; the Winston that I know and love.  Flash was in the arena as well so he felt secure.  The arena has wonderful sand footing and is humongous.  They host rodeos at the Alisal so it was a full size deal -- easily three times as large as any arena I have ever been in.  There were cattle napping in pens along the north side and there were calves newly arrived over to the east, bawling for all they were worth.  Hundreds of them, screaming and calling in confusion having been separated from their mothers, loaded on trucks, and dropped off in a big grassy pasture far from home.

I didn't canter at all.  I don't think my lumbar could have handled it.  Trotting was hard enough.  But I forgot all about the pain once we got going.  Winston was forward, round and obedient.

After riding, Brett loaded Flash in the trailer and we trailered ten minutes to the clinic.  Winston called to us as we left.

We pulled into the Spanish mission style grounds, all grassy paddocks and state of the art facilities.  The place has to be seen to be believed.  Click on the link at the top of my post and look around.

The vet watched Flash trot, did flexion tests and then took a whole battery of x-rays.  Flash had his hocks, his stifles and his pasterns done.  Flash walked right into the radiology building and stood quiet and relaxed while the films were taken.  He did not require any sedative.  The vet was very impressed.  Most horses require sedative, particularly for the stifles.  The vet put his hand up at the inside top of Flash's leg and touched him everywhere.  Flash lifted his foot and then relaxed.  He is such a good boy.

Flash's stifles and pasterns are clear.  He has a few small spurs on his hocks, consistent with arthritis.  They have not started to fuse.  The injections have made a huge improvement.  He has some residual soreness in his back and a little bit in the hocks.  The vet prescribed a 10 day course of bute and regular work.  The only restriction is no Tevis Cup hills.

Brett is on cloud nine.  He went off to the barn to feed the horses almost two hours ago.  I'm sure he ran into the wranglers and is telling them all about it.  And then on the way back, he will no doubt tell any staff and guests he comes across as well.  :)


  1. sounds like your 3 boys are back in business. :)

  2. Congratulations! I had a similar type of good news today as well, it must be going around:)

  3. Fantastic news!
    Delighted for all of ye but especially Flash :D

  4. Oh happy dance!!! (but not on hillsides) That is fabulous news...now to get YOU healed up!

  5. That's GREAT news!!! I'm so glad you found out and now have peace of mind!

  6. So good to hear - no wonder Brett was so excited!! Yay Flash!!! What's this about bucking and coming off a horse? I've been incognito for a few days...hope you're ok.

  7. Great news and good that Winston is back to his lovable self.
    Weird synchronicity for the day: I had to drive through your vet clinic grounds a few weeks ago,to get to a client further up the hill. I love that whole area, such horse people everywhere.

  8. Great news!
    I'm just catching up. I have to say I don't think the wrangler you had the other day during Winston's bucking episides was very sensible. Stressed young / green horse in new location = walk. Glad you weren't badly hurt. You're a trooper.


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