Friday, October 26, 2012

Fitness Friday. Ugh.

First, I want to thank everyone for their kind and supportive comments regarding Flash.  TeresaA asked if we had considered that it might be a sacroiliac (back) problem.  This is actually something the vet at Alamo Pintado brought up.  Since there is no easy way to diagnose it and treatment involves injecting with a VERY long needle, the vet recommended that we exhaust other more straight forward avenues first.  Otheres asked if Brett could ride Winston.  And, of course, I would let Brett ride Winston but that isn't something he is particularly excited about.  Winston needs to go forward at all times.  When he resists the contact, he needs to go forward.  When he throws his head, hops, bucks or otherwise shows appy-tude, he needs to be sent forward.  And Winston's forward is VERY forward.  Brett isn't used to Winston's big gaits and he doesn't find them comfortable or particularly fun.  So, while he is happy to help with Winston's education with sensory stuff, he's equally happy to leave the wild careening around the arena stuff to me.  Lori mentioned the possibility of a feed lease horse (basically someone lends you their horse for free -- you pay for the care: the feed, farrier, etc.).  Fortunately, Brett will be able to start riding Flash at a walk in just over a week.  Once they start on that part of the recovery path, Brett won't have a lot of time for another horse.  And the stuff that he loves to do with Flash like mounted patrol work... well there aren't many well trained mounted patrol horses out there for feed lease. 

Enough procrastination on the topic of this post.  Fitness Friday.  Hahahaha. 

Ten days at the Alisal = three large meals per day = gaining back the two pounds I lost plus an additional two.  Lumbar sprain means limited exercise.  I am getting less sore and stronger every day.  I can now muck, I can go for walks, I can ride at walk and trot.  I'm hoping to go back to the gym next week.  I'm trying something new, something someone told me about while we were at the Alisal.  She said she had the best luck with losing weight (and she's my age) when she gave up bread and refined white flour products like pasta.  I'm giving it a shot.  So far, so good.  I'm down almost two pounds in a week.  I've been a very good girl - until tonight when we had a wonderful baguette with our chicken and potato dinner.  You gotta live too.

My bucking boy is feeling fit and fine.  I worked him on the longe line the other morning so we could do some canter work.  The rocking of the pelvis and lumbar required to effectively ride the canter are not a happy thing for my back.  I'm also not ready to ride out the occasional buck he throws in when transitioning to canter.  Good thing.  He was in a vinegar mood and took exception to me demanding that he transition when I asked and not when he felt like it.  He bucked.  A lot.  Silly boy.  When I ride him, he is improving in his rhythm and suppleness.  It's all good.

Lastly, here is the first installment of the daily picture.  Votes came in all over the map with no clear winner.  So, I am going to take Terry's advice and use the front porch view since it will be easy to photograph in all kinds of weather.  Today was warm, not hot, and breezy.  Beautiful.


  1. my saddles don't fit winston, and i don't fit annette's saddles. not a comfortable ride for either of us.

  2. Wow that chicken looks yummy.
    I lost a kilo (2.2lbs) then I had two days of big meals and little exercise. I'm scared to step on the scales again!
    My friends horse had the sacro-iliac injection, it gave him relief in the short term, however his issues turned out to be feed related, and his pain symptoms were produced by a sort of tying up issue.
    Still hoping the rest and controlled exercise will help Flash.

  3. Hang in there for Flash's comeback.

  4. speaking from my own experience, the low-carb dieting will definitely drop the weight. have done it several times. however, it is very difficult to maintain as a way of living so the weight always comes back (for me) and then some. *sigh* if you could cut out bread forever, it would definitely work well. but like you said, you've got to live and enjoy eating!

  5. The chicken looks heavenly!

    I am sure that Brett is not missing "just riding". He misses the partnership between him and Flash, which cannot be fulfilled by another horse, even one as wonderful as Winston. ;)

  6. Those horsey mystery problems are sooo frustrating. I hope it just goes away.

    I like the view from the porch!


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