Monday, October 22, 2012

Git Along Little Doggies

Sunday morning, before checking out of the Alisal, we drove cattle.  We started by moving 100 head from one of the holding pastures up to their winter pasture by the lake.  It was cool, with misty fog hanging over the ranch when we set out.
Saddled up and ready to go.  Brett's leading the way on Wilbur.
Tony Thompson, head wrangler at the Alisal.   Tony is a cowboy in the best sense of the word.  He's all about riding with feel; soft hands; and compassion.
Sue, one of our fellow boot-campers, looking at the cattle we are going to move.

Tony lined us up in the holding pasture and gave us instructions on how to collect the cattle.  

Some of the cattle were still taking their morning nap and weren't real interested in moving.

And some others were way off under the trees.
We moved them into a big bunch...

...and started moving them out of the pasture, and up towards the lake.

Calvin (my awesome palomino) and I were right behind Tony, at the front of the herd.  Our job was to keep then from veering towards us. 

We did such a fine job that the cattle foreman, on the left, asked Tony if we would help him move two more herds.  Heck, yes!!

Brett on Wilbur.  When we left the Alisal, Brett said to one of the wranglers "How 'bout I pay you a couple thousand dollars and you put Wilbur in my trailer."  ... Brett loved that horse. 

This is Wes on Tonto.  Wes had never ridden before and Tonto, a little pinto, took great care of him.  Tonto wouldn't do more than walk, or reluctantly trot if Wes kicked with all his might, legs and arms flapping with the effort.  Wes got the "best sport" and bootcamp mascot award for trying so hard and joining in the laughter about poor Tonto.


  1. What an amazing experience. How are Flash and Winston doing?

  2. Fantastic photos! I love your palomino, he looks like Pepper back when he was young.
    That's some "holding pen" too, it just looks like a big pasture to me, I had pictured a holding pen like that awful place on the 5 near Fresno.

  3. Very fun and I'm guessing Wilbur had to stay there! LOL Hope you are home safe and sound.

  4. It must have been great to ride in those wide open spaces!

  5. Oh Annette I enjoyed this so much awesome photos. I felt like I was right there on a horse. Thank you Loved this post. B


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