Friday, October 19, 2012

Doing Better

Today I didn't skip any of my pain pills and the day went much better. 

It was warm at the Alisal today, but not hot.  In the morning before bootcamp activities started, I took Winston into the arena so he could run around and get some exercise.  He raced back and forth numerous times, with his tail held so high that it brushed his back.  When he had blown off the excess steam, I lifted the lunge whip like I do when I'm working him and asked him to trot off.  I wasn't sure what he would do, since he wasn't on a lunge line and the rodeo arena is huge.  He not only trotted off; he put himself on a 20m circle around me and stayed there while I asked him to transition from trot to canter and back again.  I was amazed!  When we finished working, he waited for me to slip his halter over his ears and walked calmly back to his paddock. 

Brett put Flash in the arena next.  Flash was feeling good; he rolled, he bucked, he dug in and burned rubber across the arena with a couple squeals and whinnies thrown in for good measure. 

Couples bootcamp activities today were at the lake.  We saddled up, rode to the lake where we had lunch, played with bows and arrows (Brett is very good) and then rode back.  We had a few hours to relax before dinner and line dancing. 

I didn't participate in archery or line dancing -- too much twisting for my back.  But I did participate in the important activities: riding and eating.

Here we are on our way back from the lake today (photo courtesy of one of the Alisal wranglers, Haddie). 


  1. The lake ride looks gorgeous.
    Glad you had a better day.

  2. What a great change for the better. Good news. Remember, it was not too long ago you told Brett to stay on schedule with his pain meds.

  3. Cool, free lungeing Winston. He must have decided that staying near you made the most sense in the big arena. I guess Flash must be feeling great,too!

    You are on a nice yellow horse in that picture. Bootcamp sounds pretty awesome.

  4. glad the day was better for all. :)

  5. I must say, that camp sure sounds fun!!! The weather looks perfect, too.

  6. Sounds like horses and humans had a fun day!

  7. YAY YAY YAY for Winston and Flash! That had to make you smile - BIG! Hope you are on the mend.


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