Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sunday Stills: Sunrises or Sunsets

The Sunday Stills Challenge for this week was sunrises or sunsets.  Most of the time, we have cloudless skies which don't really lend themselves to spectacular sunsets.  In the morning, the light pokes over the mountains to the east, illuminating the hills, before the sun actually shows up.  In the evening, the sun sinks below the mountains to the west (we are in a bit of a dip between peaks).  It hits the Italian poplar trees and the leaves shimmer and dance in the light.  I also love the way it reflects off of the horses.  The sun disappears below the ridge quite awhile before darkness falls.  We did have cloudy weather one morning this week so I shot that sunrise.




  1. The lighting in these shots is beautiful. I especially like the one where the pines between the deciduous trees look back lit.

  2. Beautiful! I like the second to last one the best. I can just feel the skies opening up.

  3. Such peaceful looking shots! Are you home now? What a trip.

  4. I like the progression of the photos -- the sunlight slowly creeping over the tree tops.

  5. They all are good!They all a peaceful feeling to them somehow. However my favorites are the third one with the white fences, the next with the tree looking like it is two colors and the one with your horses in it. Nice job!


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