Friday, August 26, 2011

Done With Summer

It's been hot all week.  Today we are, once again, above 100F.  And to make matters worse, there is monsoon weather lurking out to the east, in the desert, so it is humid as well.

This morning we had beautiful cloud filled skies when I went down to the barn to feed. 

To the east, from our driveway across the neighbor's property.

West, from the orchard

North west from the arena
It was already warm.  The rabbits were searching for shade.  Rocky tried looking for it under a stool. 

I rode Jackson immediately after I finished with chores.  I was hoping to beat the heat.  We warmed up on the bridle path and then headed into the arena.  Despite running the arena sprinklers and trying to ride in the shady corners  as much as possible, I didn't last long.  We tried working on trot for about five minutes but when we came down to walk I was nauseous and light headed.  When I got up to the barn I checked the temperature -- already 90F at 8:30am.  I don't know how people ride in the midwest, east and south in the summer.  I hosed off Jackson (and myself) and went up to the house for breakfast.

At noon I went back down to the barn to feed lunch.  It was 103F then.  Sedona was sprawled in the coolest corner she could find.

The only animal crazy enough to be out and about was....  Bella.  She was chomping away on my apple trees.

She followed me down to the barn where we were greeted by Darth Vader.
Jackson: I'm not the one who picked out this fly mask, okay?
The donkeys were down at the bottom of the pasture, resting in the shade. 

I'm not sure, actually, that they are donkeys.  They might be oversized termites.  Or maybe they thought Brett didn't have enough projects around the ranch.  ...they've been eating the barn siding.

Bella was busy in the barn inspecting the horse laundry, saying hello to Flash, and climbing on the furniture.

I keep the barn refrigerator stocked with soda for Brett, the farrier, and the UPS delivery guy.  I was tempted to take one although I am not a soda person.  Instead, I opened the door and stuck my head in enjoying the cool air.

I was about cooked, so I walked back up to the goat area knowing that Bella would follow me.  She has done a number on my newest apple tree.  I am not pleased.  She apparently has developed quite the taste for apple leaves.

Back at the goat pen, all the other members of the herd were snoozing in the shade.  Thistle greeted me from the correct side of the fence. 

Then it was back in the house for me.  I don't think I'll venture out again until the sun starts going down. 

And to all of my blogger friends and followers who are dealing with Hurricane Irene -- please be safe. 


  1. Those temperatures are not for me. Don't care if I ride in that kind of weather. A hosing sounds better to me.

  2. I find that I am a fall, winter, spring rider myself. If I can't get to the barn early on a hot day it isn't going to happen.

  3. I remember temperatures like that in Texas. That was the only time my big appy would stand still for a hose down.

  4. Couldnt cope with that heat! Thats some cheeky goat!

  5. that bella is such a pistol! :)

    loved your wheel bench! and darth vader! LOL!

  6. wow that sounds awful. Come here for a visit, it's a balmy 85 :)


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