Saturday, August 6, 2011

Clever boat names

This morning the "older" adults piled into the electric boat and cruised around the harbor.  I always enjoy clever boat names. 
This boat won the awards for Furthest From Home and Coolest Boat in the Harbor

This was our favorite -- tickled my funny bone.

In the main channel of the harbor, about half way to the ocean, and close to the sport fishing dock, we came across flocks of pelicans, sea gulls and other birds -- and harbor seals.

We also met up with these characters on our way back.
Kristin and Camille
Brett will go back home this afternoon.  He wasn't able to be here long -- finding someone to watch the animals was a challenge -- but I sure enjoyed having him around.  My brother and his family arrive later today and I will go back home tomorrow.  Kyle and Camille will stay the remainder of the time and then take the train back home on Tuesday.  It's a bit crazy with all the overlapping arrivals and departures but my kids and Marie's kids are all here the whole time together and that is the important thing.  They live for this vacation.


  1. Love the ship names. Always amazes me how creative people are. I think I would live for that vacation also. Have fun!

  2. What a place for a vacation. Having grown up on water, I really appreciate these photos.

  3. well, having been in the accounting profession for a lot of years, i loved the 'liquid asset' one. :)


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