Friday, August 12, 2011

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Brett built me a beautiful flower bed as a gift last year.  I promptly filled it with flowers and have enjoyed it immensely.   There was just one problem.  We changed out the bubbler sprinklers for soaker hose and when we hooked them up to the existing line it just didn't work well.  Soaker hoses run infrequently for a long, long time.  The other sprinklers on the line were bubblers .  Either my flower bed was dry or the rest of the line was flooded.  It's been on the to-do list for quite awhile.

My flowers started dying.  The only plants left standing after enduring the heat of summer were the rose bushes (well established), the alyssum and the lambs ears.  When Brett initially installed sprinklers, he put in many lines.  There are not all being used so "all" he needed to do was tap into one of the inactive ones. 

He started digging and voila! there they were.  But.... which one was which?  Fortunately, he had labeled them when he put them in originally.

He dug up the lines all the way to the planter.  Bella supervised.  Of course. 

The weather was hot and muggy today.  Brett was exhausted by the time he finished.  But he did it!  And they work perfectly.  (of course)

I think he deserves a big steak for dinner.  And a big glass of wine.


  1. Oh yes - that he does deserve!

  2. Just a glass? Give that man the whole bottle! By the way, tell him I think there's nothing more attractive than a man with a shovel!

    I'm glad you got things straightened out. My garden took a huge hit with the crazy weather this year, probably because I didn't have the neccessary goat-approved watering layout....

  3. oh yes, keep refilling the wine glass.

  4. yes, the steak was great; but only one glass of wine because I had to drive all the way home. maybe I'll finish the bottle tomorrow, or maybe Annette will find more digging to do. at least i got to ride Flash before the digging.

  5. You guys are both amazing. Wish Doug and I had your and Brett's affinity for organizing your work so well. I agree - give him the bottle of wine!

  6. Hey Brett! You and Gary would make such a great team. Nice work. Love your helper.


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