Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Morning Chores: August

Thank you to everyone who commented on my last post.  It really helped me a lot to get the feedback and I feel much better about my decision to put pads on Jackson.  Lori asked if it was a stone bruise or something else.  Initially when this whole thing started in March, we thought it was an abscess.  Then we thought it was a stone bruise.  After extensive testing and time, we have come to the conclusion that he has road (concussion) laminitis.  It isn't acute at this point which is a blessing.  There is no rotation or sinking of the coffin bone.  But the laminae are inflamed and every time he is ridden or plays on hard ground, it flares up again.  He has always had crummy feet -- brittle hooves and thin soles.  My farrier is confident we can make him comfortable enough for trail.  We will start with leather pads and work up from there as indicated. 

This post is supposed to be about morning chores, though, so come along~

First, I let the dogs out so they can play while we feed.
First stop, the orchard stump.  Kersey has been jumping up here for love from me since she was a pup.  She's not allowed to jump on me but this gets her up close and personal for scritches and scratches.

Next stop the chicken pen with the bucket of scraps from last night's dinner (acorn squash and salad).

While I'm feeding the chickens, Kersey catches up to Brett. 
No stump required.

Back for more.

Sedona is more interested in the cats hiding under the hay shed.

Next, feeding the rabbits their morning snack.
Rocky is first to the table.  Always.

Not in a hurry.  Resting on the hutch roof.

Jackson gets his hug.  He's watching me... he wants a hug from everyone.

Jackson lost this shoe.  He took pieces of his hoof wall with it.  Farrier will be here Friday.

In the meantime, I tried to put his EasyBoot on.  It no longer fits.   Our farrier has worked hard to widen Jackson's little feet.  I guess he was successful. 
Good grief Kersey!  More love???

My job: mucking

Brett's job: feeding (I'm allergic to hay, I'd rather muck)

Hay?  Did someone say hay?

Hurry up with that hay cart!
Tuffy makes sure Brett didn't drop any hay.  A donkey can always hope.

Kalvin is a good eater.

While Brett sweeps out the barn aisle, I take the dogs up for breakfast. 

Kersey: Breakfast?  Did someone say food??

Sedona: I'll be there in a minute.  I have to check this squirrel hole first.

Ahhhhhhhhh, water.

Sedona eats her breakfast laying down, in a very ladylike fashion.

Kersey is the exact opposite. 

Next I head over to the goats.  Brett will meet me when he's done sweeping the barn.

...or not.  Gave me a heart attack anyway.  Stupid stick.
Bella and Bear jump out the second the top of the door is opened.  The others wait patiently for us to remove the bottom screen.

Whiskey heads straight for the hay

The others are interested in the aspen tree twig I picked.
Bella wants to jump out and follow us back to the house.  Brett says no.

Bella says yes.

Guess who won?
Chores are done.  Time for my coffee!!


  1. A busy morning before coffee. All the animals look so happy. How in the world did Bella get up there and balance? Love the dogs, they are so adorable.

  2. Bella, Bella, Bella - what are we going to do with you. Honestly - those goats are beyond adorable.

    You cracked me up with the snake impersonator ;)

    I hope the pads work well for Jackson!

  3. Animals just make me smile...especially that imp Bella!

  4. Oh, how much harmony you have there.All the animals look very healthy,happy,clean and very well look after.

  5. oh thanks for taking me along with your morning. It looks fabulous. There's no such thing as too much love for a dog. Don't tell Ed but as I plan my farm I want a donkey, some chickens, bunnies and some goats. Definitely need some goats :)

  6. What a great morning routine! Thanks for sharing. Love Bella!

  7. A nice start to the day. All your critters look healthy and happy. Bella is something! I think she's running the joint...or at least, running around. What a personality.

  8. love your sweet dogs, horses, donkeys, your cute hubby, but bella just stole the show! such a riot!

  9. I could swear your Kersey is our dog, Maggie.

    I'm sorry you're having to figure out ways to make Jackson sound enough for the trails. I feel like I've been in the same boat this year with my horse, Cowboy, but different issues.

    I hope the pads are your answer!!!

  10. Wow! Bella is a good jumper!
    Kersey in the water trough cracked me up. I love your bunny pen. I used to have a lop-eared bunny, too.
    And I see you have speckled sussex chickens. They are my favorite breed of chicken for personality...and so pretty, too.



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