Thursday, August 4, 2011

Barn Drama

Last night, I walked Jackson to the arena so he could roll.  I took off his halter and sat on the mounting stump to watch and see how he was walking.  He immediately dropped to the ground and rolled, flipping back and forth five or six times.  Then he jumped up and launched himself into the air, bucking and doing pogo stick hops interspersed with running up and down the long side.  And he walked fine.  He got down on the sand again but instead of rolling, he doodled in the sand with his nose for a few minutes and then launched again.  I put him in the pasture for the night and he was sound this morning.

I went back into the barn to get hay and found Passage sitting on the bench in the barn aisle.  She usually goes into the feed room where the dogs can't follow in the evening when they are out.  Sure enough, they found her.  Kersey was excited in a friendly sort of way.  Sedona was interested in a menacing sort of way.  Passage arched her back, her fur stood straight up and she hissed and spat for all she was worth.  I thought that if she scratched Sedona a few times on the nose, Sedona might back off.  She nailed Sedona who proceeded to fling drops of blood around the barn aisle - and wasn't deterred in the least.  She tried to bite Passage in a going-in-for-the-kill sort of way.  I pulled her off and threw both dogs in Jackson's stall.  Passage was frozen in place so I picked her up, still spitting and hissing, and put her in the feed room.

Then I went back to the house and had a beer.


  1. Didn't you leave today? Glad to read that Jackson was sound. Don't forget to keep me posted...take that laptop.

  2. Good grief!!! Fighting like cats and dogs what are they thinking?? LOL Sorry I couldn't resist. I hope everyone is okay. :)

    Yay for Jackson! Let's make this a trend please.

  3. Glad to hear Jackson's sound today!!

  4. my dogs will terrorize my barn cat if he's out and about too. makes me crazy!


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