Thursday, August 18, 2011

Goat Humor

Yesterday evening, Brett and I were sitting with the goats on their porch.
Bella on the porch

We sat side by side, with our backs against the wall and legs stretched out.  Whiskey was standing on my right, between me and the side wall, softly chewing his cud while I scratched his back.  Cowboy was curled on my lap, also chewing his cud.  Bella was resting between Brett and I.  Bear was sprawled across Brett's legs with his head resting on Brett's chest.  Thistle had his hooves on Brett's shoulders, trying to eat his faded blue ball cap.  The sound of chewing and the occasional goat burp were the only sounds.  
Bella needed a potty break so she clambered down to the ground in front of us, squatted and peed.  Bear jumped off of Brett's lap and went to investigate.  He stuck his nose down close to the stream of pee and got himself splattered.  

His upper lip curled all the way up and over his nose.  He crinkled up his nose, lifted it skyward, and his whole body said "Ewwwwwwwww!"

We laughed so hard we cried.

Bear crawled back onto Brett's lap and burped.  I'm glad Bear loves Brett so much.  I'm not sure I wanted him on my lap. 


  1. They are quite humorous little beasties! My late Aunt, she kept them, ate all her flowers, bedding plants, even got into her veggie patch!........She gave up in the end.

  2. Do you imaging that they think you are goats or that they are humans?


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