Saturday, August 13, 2011

A Sudden Change in Plans

We have another hot, humid day on tap.  Brett and I both wanted to ride but didn't feel like saddling up.  Jackson was also supposed to take it easy in case the larger nails our farrier used yesterday made him sore.  Jackson has sensitive feet so Sage has been using small nails.  This keeps Jackson comfortable but those little nails were not going to hold on shoes and leather pads.  Fortunately, Jackson's feet were much improved (yay!!) - the soles were hard and only slightly sensitive to the hoof testers.  And he's obviously comfortable in his new shoes.

Brett and I decided to just mosey around the arena bareback.  I turned the sprinklers on to keep the dust down while we rode (even at walk, with two horses it can get dusty).

Passage was patrolling the barn rafters.
I hopped on Jackson and we posed for pictures.  It was hard to find a picture of Jackson with his ears forward.  That horse has his ears on me all the time; he listens to me even when we're just relaxing.  Silly boy.

Then Brett gave me the camera and hopped on Flash.  He had a couple false starts -- the mounting stump kept slipping out from underneath him.  Flash was unconcerned even when the stump rolled underneath him.

But then, the game plan changed.  One minute Jackson and I were walking along calmly and the next minute Flash was spinning and Jackson jumped sideways.  I watched Brett land in the sand on his hip and back, hard.  This is why we ALWAYS wear helmets.  We couldn't see any reason for the spook.  But there it was.  One spinning shying horse, one grounded rider.

Brett was able to get up, slowly.  He put Flash away and made his way to the house.  I smeared some of this stuff on his back -- it's great for pain, equine or human.

I'm making a lemon meringue pie since wine is counter-indicated with pain pills.

Wear your helmet -- ALWAYS!


  1. And yet we get back on and do it again. Glad the landing wasn't on rocky ground.

  2. HOw is Brett tonight? Hope he felt like eating that pie...poor guy. Looks like Jackson is doing alright. Love the photo of you leaning over his neck. Perfect!

  3. Jackson's feet look good with those pads.

    Nice how you documented Brett on the ground. (Funny how blogging changes our priorities lol) ;) Hope he's not hurting too badly.

  4. I should have stopped after the mounting block gave out from underneath me twice. Landed on an injury from a week ago when a hay hook broke loose from a bale of hay, sending me into the hay shed wall. Same spot on the back, tweaked pretty bad. I think I'll stick to digging up sprinkler lines.

  5. Yikes~! And you got pictures, too! Hope Brett's feeling better.

    I love the pics with you and look very beautiful and he does seem quite tuned into you.

  6. I'm going to have to get some of that balm! I fell off a friend's horse two years ago and have sciatic nerve damage. I literally could not walk for almost a year. I'd stand and be in pain. I'd sit and be in pain. And, now I have permanent damage in both feet...they tingle 24/7. I'm glad you both have helmets. I need to buy one!

  7. Aww poor Brett! At least it was in a sand arena. :) I hope he's doing okay now.

    I love the picture of you hugging Jackson. Awesome.


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