Tuesday, August 2, 2011

One Step Forward, One Step Back

This morning I woke to the sound of rain.  I jumped out of bed and got a picture of the downpour.  The rain lasted a nano-second or less, not even enough to register on the rain gauge.

We were back to hot and muggy the rest of the day.  Oh, well.  It was nice while it lasted.

I went down to the barn for morning chores and found that Jackson was lame on his right front.  I'm not sure if it was the work we did the morning before or if he got silly in the pasture.  Rain can do that.  The horses race up and down bucking and playing like children in a summer downpour.  Last night, he was fine: hanging out with the herd and munching on his hay.

I'm not really sure what Tuffy was up to -- checking his junk or something...

 I can't ride my horse but I can flush the toilet.  I guess it could be worse...

And, I won a give away from Michaele at Sproutin' Wings Farm.  It arrived in the mail.

I have really dry skin and this smells wonderful.  I tried it out last night and it was a definite improvement over the usual -- Bag Balm.  Smells like antiseptic but works.  It was a nice change to go to bed with soft skin that smelled good too. 


  1. Oh, I love soft body and skin creams! I just got some vanilla ones myself, with aloe. My hands...sigh...you can imagine!

  2. Glad you liked it. I sure like your corral's!

  3. I guess that's a positive way to look at it! Flushing a toilet is important, after all. Still, hope he gets unlame real soon. ;)

  4. hey - flushing is good! sorry about your horse, tho!

    (the squirrel eventually got up and left.) :)

  5. it was a definite improvement!

  6. Yes, I would choose flushing toilets over a healthy horse, but hope your horse gets better soon.

  7. Hope Jackson is feeling better soon.

    I've got dry skin too. I'll have to give that stuff a try. Congratulations on winning.

  8. I bet that cream is nice. Congrats on winning.

    I hope poor Jackson just did something silly and gets over it quickly. It's so frustrating dealing with chronic injuries.

    Yay for rain! We finally got a little too. Every little bit helps when it's like this out.


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