Tuesday, August 16, 2011

I Ride Flash and Jackson has a Fit

Brett is hurting.  When he fell, he must have done a number on his lumbar and squished or otherwise upset his sciatica nerve.  The pain varies from almost tolerable to severe.  He's pretty much living from pain pill to pain pill.  Obviously, he can't ride his horse.

Being the sweet wife that I am, I volunteered to ride Flash tonight when I got home from work.  I want to ride Jackson tomorrow morning when it is cool so figured I'd just do an easy ride in the heat on Flash.

Me: We're going for a ride Flash.  Yeah, me.  On your back.  Are you ready?

Flash: Yeah, I'm ready.  heh heh heh

Hey!  Where are you going??

Come back here!  I'm your horse!!  Meeeeee!!!

Kalvin: I hate to break this to you but I think they're going on a trail ride.  Out the gate and down the road...
Where are they??

Kalvin: Breaking news!  They're coming back!  I saw them!

You are so busted.  I see you on that other horse.  How dare you. 

Flash was bracing, as usual, when we started working in the arena. 

But then he started bending nicely.   I concentrated on being soft with him.  And he reciprocated. 

And then we had a lovely canter.

After I finished riding Flash, I put Jackson in the arena to roll while Brett put Flash away.  Jackson had a bit of a temper tantrum...

Tomorrow's another day, Jackson.  I promise, we'll have a great ride and I won't even look at Flash. 


  1. You look great on Flash. Nice shots! Jackson looks very sound.

    So sorry that Brett is hurting...that must have been some fall.

  2. Great pictures and captions. I can almost hear Jackson complaining :)
    You look so relaxed and 'into' Flash, especially the canter picture. Great job. Hope you have a good ride on Jackson.

  3. Hope Jackson doesn't take it out on Flash later. Poor Brett! Prayers that he heals soon.

  4. oh, he did throw himself into a snit, didn't he?! :)

  5. Great shots. Hope Brett heals soon backs are awful painful things. B

  6. Love the photo series. You look great on Flash - no wonder Jackson threw that fit! Jingles for Brett :)


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