Friday, January 6, 2012

He's Even Better in Person

Thursday morning we were up and on the road by 4am.  We drove eight hours to see the first two horses, RA and FN, near San Francisco.  We arrived just after noon and were met by a very nice German girl who starts the horses on trail.  The dressage trainer was not available but J was very nice and very capable. 
I said I would like to try RA first so we got him out of his paddock.  He was friendly and came right to the gate.  He stood quietly in the cross ties while we groomed and tacked him up.  Such a cute face and that color – deep, burnished copper – drop dead gorgeous.

In the arena, he stood quietly  at the mounting block.

J rode him first.  She wore spurs and recommended that I do the same.  I was a bit concerned about that.  After she had him warmed up, I got on. 
He felt like jello at first we quickly figured each other out.  

He was nicely forward, with smooth, fluid gaits.  Best of all, he had an attitude that was full of try.  

I didn’t want it to end.  Brett had been video taping the ride and I asked him to turn the camera off and come over.  I had him remove my spurs.  I didn’t think I needed them.  I was right.  RA was actually better without them.  When I reluctantly called it quits, I was all smiles and he had his ears focused on me like radar.  I think I’m in love.

Next I rode his half brother, two years older (five).  He was beautiful.  He was huge.  He was heavy and braced in my hands.  He didn’t care what I wanted.  He didn’t try at all.  He even tried to run off with me.  I rode him five minutes and said “no thanks.”  He’s been scoring well with a professional.  I’m sure he’s talented.  He’s just not a good fit for me.

 I called my trainer and she liked everything about RA as well.  She gave me instructions for the next ride.  In the morning, I will ride RA in the arena with the dressage trainer there and then we will go on a trail ride.  Then its off to see more horses in the afternoon.

I think my heart has already decided.  


  1. I second that! Go for it! He is simply magnificent and you can feel his energy. It sounds like the connection is there. WOW!!!!!

  2. he's gorgeous! so glad he feels as good as he looks!

  3. This has got to be so much more fun than test driving cars : )

  4. Buy him.

    When you know, you know.

  5. Looks very nice . . . keeping fingers crossed for you!

  6. He is a pretty boy, and sounds like you have decided, :)

  7. His color is even more beautiful in your photos.

    You and him look stunning together!

  8. He is beautiful. You should show up an hour earlier than expected, to be sure they aren't working him before you ride, and get on to do your own warm up.

  9. ooh good because I've already chosen him for you! He is so gorgeous and if he is a good, willing ride too then equine heaven!

    I am so happy for you!

  10. He is,clear your mind have him thoroughly vetted,X ray starting with the feet and meanwhile look at some more the end of all that looking you will be even more sure of your choice....

  11. Sounds like you found a good match. :) (coming from someone who bought the first horse she looked at.) If anyone deserves to find their next partner without fuss - it's you Annette.

    English Rider's advice is also good!

  12. I love the look of the first horse....and it looks to me like he's the one but you'll'll just know.

  13. Oh my gosh he is simply lovely...I am so excited for you and for him-what an amazing new adventure you are beginning-I love how you describe his personality. He sounds like the one!! Looking forward to hearing how this turns out-have fun playing with ponies!

  14. Awesome! I love that horse! So glad it's a happy match - hope it works out.

  15. Wow, he is a gorgeous chestnut color. I'm not a fan of chestnuts in general, but I do like him. You two look fantastic together! I like him a lot. If he vets clean I say go for it. :D


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