Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday Stills: Nature's Frames

The challenge for this week was to find photos that are framed by nature.  I enjoyed this challenge and looking for frames.  For other examples, click on the Sunday Stills icon on my sidebar.

Aloe flower framed by the plant's spiky leaves

Agave plant framed by two boulders

Grass framed by a boulder

This was my favorite frame so I had to move in closer


  1. i committed the faux-pas of asking for honey for my tea in a vegan restaurant last week. i couldn't understand the label on the honey-like bottle they gave me but later i learned it's agave sweetner. i've never seen an agave plant.

  2. great choices! You nailed the challenge.

  3. i love the grass in the boulder, too!

  4. Oh you did very well. I have never seen an aloe flower.

  5. Nice! I saw the solar panels and was intrigued so poked around for a bit. Nice blog!

  6. NICE! You did really well. And I love your header...those goats are adorable!



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