Saturday, January 28, 2012

Winston Gets a Poem

I don't often link between my two blogs, but today I posted a poem using Winston as a symbol.  The challenge was to come up with a theme and then use non-traditional symbols to convey that feeling.  I chose to write about confidence and I used Winston as one of my symbols.  Does it work?  Hoofprints in My Garden

I was asked for the recipe for my lime cilantro salad dressing.  Unfortunately, I just threw it together - no recipe - but the ingredients were: juice of lime, apple cider vinegar, chopped cilantro, extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper.

And, lastly I need to thank Gotta Love the Farm for the Liebster award I received last week.  I had a total brain fail and couldn't remember the blog who awarded me.  Thank you!  She has goats and horses -- and a three year old.  Busy!!


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