Monday, January 2, 2012

There's Nothing Like a Good Buck

Today was warm.  We've had warm weather the past week. Yesterday and today, I opened all the windows in the great room to let the warm air into the house.  It felt like spring.

This morning, I did chores in a sweatshirt (no jacket required!) and then rode Flash at 8:00 in a tee-shirt.  He was an excellent boy for me, moving forward off my leg, listening hard, working through his back and into the connection. 

Jackson was still very gimpy this morning so we continued with the higher dose of bute.  This afternoon when I took my sudoku book down to sit with him, he was walking better.  The donkeys were rolling in the sandy dirt while Flash and Kalvin vacuumed the ground around the hay bins looking for leftovers.
The donkeys finished rolling around, jumped to their feet and Finessa took off like a bat out of hell.  Tuffy couldn't catch her.  Remember gimpy, foundered, Finessa?  No more.  She's lost some weight and she is feeling fine.  They charged into their stall and started wrestling in there.  The cat took the opportunity to mosey into the pasture.  Mistake.

Meanwhile, I tried giving Jackson a massage.  He wasn't interested.  What he wanted was to get out of jail his stall.  He's not subtle.  He walked into his stall from the turnout, hung his head out into the barn aisle, and started pushing on his halter.  So I took him out to the arena to roll. 

He did the roll and flip from side to side five times.  Then he got up and shook.  Then he bucked.  BUCKED!  I'm thinking "oh, crap.  Ouch, ouch, ouch"  -- and then he did it twice more waving his front legs in the air like a boxer. 

I told him that was enough of that business and put him away. 


  1. they were all feeling spunky today - whether they should have or not! :)

  2. Spring already? Yay!

    I love the donkey-rolling photos. The light looks really neat with the dust in the air. I had no idea that donkeys disliked cats!

  3. And right now it is 16 degrees going down to the single digits. I don't remember what the 70s felt like. Enjoy! All your critters sure seem to love it.

  4. Sounds like everyone is having fun, even Jackson. We're getting cold here, no more warm for us for a while.


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