Friday, January 13, 2012

I Can't Function

I can't sleep, I can't work, I can't think... about the only thing I can still do is eat.  I'm obsessed with thoughts of Winston.  When I do sleep, I dream about riding him.  When I'm awake, I worry about jinxing the vet check by wanting him so much.

I was online yesterday, researching his bloodlines (excellent on the Hanovarian side!) and found this video of him free jumping before he was started under saddle.  OMG.  Cavaletti work is going to go to a whole new level...

Is he a mover or what??  Can you see why I can't function?

Meanwhile, Jackson is settling in well with the herd.  Kalvin has stopped asserting his alpha position and they are all living peacefully together.

This afternoon I pruned rose bushes.  My plan was to exhaust myself so I can sleep tonight.  Also, once Winston arrives I will be too busy riding my new boy to work in the garden.

Most of my rose bushes are fairly friendly.  I can prune them with leather gloves and long sleeves and not get wounded.  There is, however, one violent nasty rose bush.  The thing is murderous and grows like a weed.  Every year, I dread pruning it.

The roses aren't spectacular -- pretty -- but not pretty enough to balance out the thorns.  I decided to pull it out.  I couldn't, despite a valiant attempt.  That rose bush had been growing --thriving, for ten years.  I gave up and accepted Brett's offer to dig it out.  He had to put a chain around it and pull it out with his tractor.  But it's gone.  I got the rest of the pruning done and now I'm wiped.

Mission accomplished. 


  1. I do understand your predicament! Perhaps its a good one, event though its like a first love, does it sound familiar? Lol! Good luck anyway!

  2. so very happy for you,that is the feeling of THE horse!!!

  3. i'm glad jackson and kalvin are settling in! i sure hope your new adventure is well worth all this apprehension/excitement! :)

  4. Treasure that feeling, it doesn't come along all that often.

  5. He is adorable! So happy you are excited about him!

    And loving that the herd is co-existing so well-what a nice feeling that is!

  6. He's a mover...he is gorgeous...and I get it! Just hang on.

  7. Love his energy and athleticism in the video. He hops over that oxer like it isn't even there.

    Glad Jackson is comfortable and mixing well.

    Savor the excitement!

  8. He sure is awesome! I love how he happily jumps while he's running.

  9. I smiled when I read of your excitement, the pony-mad little girl never ever leaves us, does she?

    One day I will buy my own pony, I will probably be sixty by the time it happens (only 5 years away) but the 55 year wait will make it all the more special

    n'est-ce pas?

  10. Congratulation for your new boy.He looks very handsome,and moves very nice.

  11. He looks gorgeous! I'd be excited,,too. Your life is going to change when he arrives!

  12. WOW- You have found a horse! I had to scroll down to check... AND you have been very busy. Your gardens and horse barns are immaculate!! I always love visiting because I get a peek into such a wonderfully different life. In your most recent post it appears you are taking a photography course or something- all that talk of corners- and such great images! Hope you are well. xo teri


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