Thursday, January 12, 2012

The Schedule

Winston is anxious to get the show on the road and move to Aspen Meadows.  Me too.  Here's the schedule:

Sunday, the 15th:
I will leave at the crack of dawn, pick up my trainer, and drive five hours to Winston's barn.  There, my trainer will evaluate his dressage worthiness and I will ride him again -- under her watchful eye.  My first lesson on Winston!  She has already watched video of him and declared that we are a good fit so I'm not worried about this trip.  We will drive back home that afternoon/evening -- it's gonna be a long day.

Monday, the 16th:
Vet check!  I can't be there but the vet will have me on the phone.  I've used this vet before, when we purchased Auke, and I like him.  Fingers crossed Winston's feet are normal on the x-rays.

Tuesday, the 17th: 
Brett will hook up the trailer and drive to Fresno.  I will go to the office and try to concentrate on work. 

Wednesday, the 18th: 
Brett will load up Winston in the morning and drive back home.  He should arrive home in the early afternoon so I can get Winston settled in before dark. 

In the meantime, I'm daydreaming and trying not to worry about the vet check. 


  1. sounds like you've got a PLAN!!! :)

  2. I can't imagine that Winston would not pass the vet check. He certainly looked sound and balanced in the video. At any rate, he should be at Aspen Meadows soon and you will be back in business. It will be fun to have a lesson on him with your own trainer.

  3. How exciting! It sounds like you made a perfect choice. And very wise to know what you like and need in a horse.

  4. No sleep for you for a view days, I'm sure. You must have that "wired" feeling, full of anticipation and incertitude. I'm excited for you. I've been thinking about your Winston and what inspired breeding he has. Did his current owner breed him, was it deliberate and are they continuing to make more?

  5. Good Luck - what an exciting time for you...try and enjoy! Betsy

  6. Best wishes all around!

    Especially super feet!!!!!

  7. I hope the vet check goes well and you can remain on schedule. It sounds like you've lost a little bit of your heart to him already! That's a good sign.

  8. Sounds like a good plan! I'm excited for you!!!!

  9. I've enjoyed going back and reading your last few posts. How exciting! Winston is one of the most striking horses I've ever seen - the markings of an Appaloosa with the bone and movement of a Hanoverian. What's not to love? He looks like he's flamed :)
    Hope the vet check and move go well. Can't wait to read more.

  10. Hi I'm a show jumping rider from Italy =)
    I love the first pictures!
    keep in touch:

    see you soon =)

  11. blooger somehow "forgot" to post your last 3 posts..I was surprised to read back and find you settled on a horse- congrats to you!
    Wishing you many happy years of riding with your new companion,you look great together!
    good luck with your vet check.

  12. I am betting that you won't sleep!! fingers crossed that all goes well.

  13. I have thought of you so many time this past week. The last time I checked in you were still shopping. This horse looks amazing and I love how excited you are to get him. I would be too! Got my fingers crossed for the vet check on Monday. Have a safe drive tomorrow.


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