Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Video of Rain

You guys rock!  I love all the feedback and the best part is that all the comments are confirming my thoughts. 

My favorite at this point is bachelor #1.  Something about him resonates with me.  And the color -- I thought I was the only one partial to chestnuts!

And the last guy... I agree something is not right with his gaits and the rider looks like he jumps.  He's in a half seat the whole time.  He is clearly clueless about dressage.  I don't have high hopes for this horse. 

In fairness to bachelor #3 who looks just awful in the picture I posted, here is a short video of him at liberty.  This is what got me interested in him. 

He's still not my favorite, but I thought worth a look.

Lastly, OF COURSE, I'm taking you guys along.  Brett will take video and I'll post all about my impressions.  I may not be able to download the video until we get home but I promise you that you will get to see and hear all about it. 

Again, thanks so much for all the feedback.


  1. he's VERY unique, LOVE,LOVE his markings, his tail is great.
    He does move beautiful...trust your instinct,he may be the one.
    Good luck with your decision.

  2. I am so excited about this horse shopping. God but he is gorgeous.

  3. I can see why you liked him from the video. Had an Anglo-Trakehner that had that body and color and she turned white (beautiful). Nice movement. You will know and feel when the right one comes along. Happy testing.

  4. OOooh! Bachelor #3 floats!!!! I liked the way he looked in the photo you posted, even though it was blurry. But it really didn't do him justice, especially now that you've posted this video. Wow!
    Go see him!


  5. oh what a relief, the rider of No 4 looked wrong to me, too much butt-bouncing, too forward in the saddle, looked like his head was drooping the entire time which throws his weight onto the horses's front end too much, yes, he's a jumper! And if he's a jumper he's had his horse jumping and that seems too much for a three year old horse, imho. Over here we tend not to break them that young unless they're racehorses

    Nope I still like No 1

  6. just watched No 3 in action
    lovely but why record him without a rider? What's that about? Am I missing something here?
    nice and floaty action, he looks like he may be good for dressage...

  7. Good Luck! I am so excited that you will be taking us with you!

  8. Your header is adorable!



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