Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Jackson is Shocked and Gets A New Halter

This morning was cool and cloudy.  As the day progressed, the temperature rose to a comfortable 55F but the cloud cover stayed.  I was able to remove Bella's leg bandage today.  She is still gimpy and sore but doing well.  The goat area is next to the front gate, alongside the driveway.  They have a nice large area, full of boulders and shrubby plants in which to play.

Jackson has been doing very well adjusting to his new barefoot life of leisure.  He hasn't had bute in a few days and he's been in the pasture at night, while the other horses are in the barn.  Today, I wanted to try putting him back out with the herd.  He has only been out once since Kalvin joined the group so the dynamic isn't established yet between them.  Jackson is happy at the bottom (well, above the donkeys) but Kalvin still feels the need to push Jackson around.  I planned to put Jackson out at lunch time while Kalvin was busy eating. 

Flash and Kalvin have already reached an understanding.  You could even say they've become friends.

First, I groomed Jackson.  He's filthy and he needs to feel like he's being used, even if it is just to be groomed.  Things were going great until some static made him jump while I brushed his back.  He settled but then reached his nose to my hand (hoping for a treat no doubt) and got zapped big time by static electricity.  The poor boy pulled back in a panic.  He finally settled back down but not before pulling the buckle through three holes.  I'm sure his poll will be sore.  Fortunately, I had a brand spanking new bright green halter in the tack room. 

Brett put hay in the pasture and I let Jackson out.  Initially, Kalvin chased Jackson but then settled down to eat.  Jackson went down to get a drink of water and, on his way back, made a wide berth around Kalvin.  Flash was in the middle, serving as a buffer.

Jackson settled in and began eating his lunch.  I had pulled one of the bins far away from the others so he could eat in peace.

I also finished pruning the last of the fruit trees in the orchard today.  I do one or two trees per week, filling the dumpster with branches.  Today another pear tree arrived via the UPS truck, along with some blackberry bushes.  Oh, boy!  More to prune next year.  I never learn.... I'm seriously addicted to fruit trees.


  1. We have seven fruit trees that are not all that well established. I hope they do will this coming season.
    How nice that all three horses can be together. I think Jackson is going to enjoy the new freedom that comes with his bare feet...and his soles will become stronger too. Glad Bella is hangin in there. When does all the Winston stuff take place? You must be so excited! Did you already have room for him in your barn and turnout area or do you have to do more?

  2. Looks like Jackson is doing ok!

  3. You have a beautiful property and your new pasture friend is gorgeous! Nice choice!

  4. What a nice property you have. So glad to hear that Jackson is doing ok.

  5. Jackson looks like he's enjoying being out with the herd...but not so much the static shocks.
    We have several apple trees and a peach tree and when I prune I give the trimmings to my goats and llamas and they strip off and eat the bark and gnaw on the branches.


  6. Happy to hear that Bella is doing better. I'm sure Jackson and the others will figure it out. He's sure to enjoy his new barefoot status too.

  7. Wow, what a beautiful farm you have!! I love the goats, they are so cute! Glad to hear the horses are learning to get along :)


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