Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Feeling Tired

I've been down in the dumps the past few days.  I'm not in full pity party mode and I really have no reason to be so worn out  -- I don't live in Joplin, I didn't lose my horse in a barn fire, EHV hasn't hit Riverside County.  But still. 

It rained last weekend.  The forecast said fog and when we went to bed it was, indeed, foggy.  When we woke up it was raining.  Normally, that would just be a topic of conversation "Rain?  Memorial Day weekend?  Really!" but the horses were out in the pasture -- including Jackson.  He had rolled and splattered himself into a nice brown Paint.  And he was sore on his feet.  Yesterday, he wouldn't bear weight on his right hind and he had a full on hissy fit when I picked his feet.  This morning he wasn't much better; still standing with that hoof cocked and avoiding unnecessary movement (such as peeing in his turnout, straw is so much more convenient when your feet hurt).

In addition, the power keeps going out every time we turn the pool filter on.  It started when I flipped the solar heating switch to "on" so the pool could start warming up.  Water gushed from the pipes taking the water up through the solar panels on the roof, cascading down into the rain gutters and splattering everything.  So, there is a crack or split or raccoon nibbled hole in the pipes.  All the water caused a short that threw the circuit breaker and killed power in the house.  We turned the solar off, but the pool pump still won't run without shorting out the house.  Brett's been playing phone tag with the solar company. 

Tonight, when I got home from work I went down to the barn to check on Jackson.  It had been a long day full of meetings and phone calls and other activities that drain an introvert like me.  Barn time is the best way to recharge my batteries.   Jackson was actually walking around in a normal sort of way.  I took him out and picked up his feet to slather them with hoof hardening stuff and he didn't complain (too much).  I let him roll in the arena -- which he did with great gusto. 

I've got bread in the oven (dough was already rising in the refrigerator) and the left over chicken from my chicken-in-a-pot recipe.  I'm going to make a salad, top it with chicken, dunk bread in olive oil and balsamic vinegar and guzzle sip wine.

Things are looking up!


  1. I'm glad things are looking up! I've been feeling the same way for a couple of weeks now, and I remind myself how much worse it could be too...I think we are just longing for summer.

  2. It never rains but pours! I hope things are already better by now!

  3. Good Morning Annette! The rhubarb plants will probably be pretty big next year...don't worry. They are such tough plants. I'm telling you, we have been on the same page with our dinners several times. Gary with his shed and Brett with the goat palace....ummmmmm. Are we related? Hope Jackson stays sound. It was 91 here yesterday going down to the high 70s today and won't get out of the 60s tomorrow. Can't believe you had frost.

  4. Lots of little annoyances around here too - hope it all looks better tomorrow. Bread and wine sounds good!


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