Saturday, May 7, 2011

Getting Things Accomplished

This morning was warm and sunny again.  After breakfast, I took Jackson into the arena and worked with him on the longe line.  I like working with him on the longe, in side reins, so that he works correctly and keeps his core strong even with just the walking we do.  His topline has come so far and I don't want to lose all that marvelous muscle.  We worked for 10 minutes at walk, and added in three minutes of trot.  Woo-hoo!  At trot, he stretched his neck down, took the contact, lifted his back, and motored around with a very happy, relaxed face.

After that, I wandered around the front of the house while my coffee was roasting.  I have to do my roasting outside as it smokes something fierce.

The eaves along the front of the house are lined with birds' nests. 

We also have bats living in the eaves.  They are very messy eaters leaving bits and pieces of dinner below.

My lilac is not very robust.  Most years it doesn't even flower.  Look what I found this morning!

More good things: the peach tree looks like it might make it after all.  New growth!
I spent most of the day down the mountain with Camille shopping for her prom dress.  We were successful finding a dress but shoes are still needed.  We'll head back down to the mall (ugh) tomorrow morning. 

We got back home just in time to start dinner and do barn chores.  I turned Jackson out in the arena so he could roll, stretch his legs, and give his brain a break from the barn.  When I went to bring him back, he saw me coming and ran to the gate to meet me. 

While we finished up chores, the dogs had a good ol' time in the mud. 

Dinner tonight was Skoog Farm soup and focaccia.  Yum!  I tried to take a picture but Brett and Camille were messing with me.  They think it's funny the way I take pictures of dinner.  Harumph!


  1. Skoog Farm soup! That's a riot. How did it taste is the question. Love the Prom dress...gorgeous and a gorgeous figure. Jackson is looking very good...will he be able to go on the pasture soon? By the way Brett! That goat palace has amazing style...the lucky goats.

  2. Lots of good things happening :) I had to laugh at what the bats left--yesterday I found only the tail of one of my goldfish that something had fished out of the stock tank and eaten. I'm glad to see that even on a farm as beautiful as yours there are still "leftovers" laying around from the critters LOL That last picture is hilarous, but then I saw the bread with oil and balsalmic and now I have some serious cravings! lol

  3. I'm glad Jackson is doing better. :D


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