Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Jackson and Finessa get a Re-Check

We had rain on Sunday night and yesterday was cold, wet and windy.  When I went down early to do barn chores before work, it looked like this:

Today it was dry but the sun played behind the clouds and it was cool with morning temperatures in the high 40s.  It did get up to 60 by mid afternoon.  I rode Jackson in the morning, in the arena, at walk with a little bit of trot thrown in at the end "just to see."  He bobbed his head a tad for the first couple of strides and then started to settle.  But, I stopped there anyway.  There's no point in pushing it if I even kinda sorta maybe suspect he is ouchy.

The vet arrived a bit before noon.  Her first impression when watching Jackson walk out of his stall was "wow!  He's really stepping out!  Looks great."  The bounding pulses were gone in all four feet.  But, he was still quite sore with hoof testers.  So, we are making improvement but not ready for hard surfaces yet.  That's okay.  We're making progress.  I'll take it.

Finessa got an A+.  No bounding pulse, no lameness, weight much improved.
Finessa took a celebratory roll.

She's back to playing with her best buddy, Tuffy.

Tuffy is so pleased to have someone to play with again that he took a celebratory roll himself.


  1. Glad they are improving - and very cute photos!

  2. Good news! Is there anything as cute as a donkey... maybe two donkeys! :)

  3. Good news!! Heading in the right direction. Love the donks.

  4. That Finessa and Tuffy are beyond cute. I could eat them right up (figuratively speaking!).
    So glad Jackson's on the mend.

  5. Awww I love the last picture of the donkeys. :) It makes me really wish I could play with my donkey.

    I'm glad Jackson is improving. Have you considered getting hoof boots so he can be ridden for exercise without bruising his feet on hard ground? A lot of people use hoof boots to transition thin soled horses to barefoot. His sole has the touch the ground if it's going to grow thicker, but it's a fine line. Good luck!!


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