Thursday, May 5, 2011

Goat House Tour

This morning the sun was out bright and early.  We started chores in sweat shirts but ended in t-shirts.  It was warm up here again today.  I think the high was 86. 

My plan this morning was to work with Jackson again on the longe line, in side reins.  He enjoyed our work the other day - he needs to feel like he is being worked even if we just march around the arena at walk.  However, I quickly discovered he had lost a shoe during the night.  Fortunately, it was not one of the sore hooves and he wasn't limping at all.  I turned him out in the arena while I sifted through the straw in his stall for the shoe.  Our farrier is scheduled to be up tomorrow for regular trims and shoeing so at least Jackson's timing was good. 

When I left for work, the shed guy was back finishing up the goat palace.  When I got home tonight, it was done.  Well, his part is done.  Brett still has to paint it and put water inside for the waterer. 
The sun was going down behind the shed so the picture isn't very good- but here it is.

The hay closet was completed.

We will store hay, minerals, and grooming/hoof trimming supplies in here.  The back door opens into the shed for easy access to the hay. 

The goat shelf.  They can sleep under it, climb on top of it, and get their hooves trimmed here.
Brett picked up some paint samples for me to look at.  He knows I want barn red.  The house and other out-buildings are white with green trim so he picked up a few swatches of those too.  I like the color of the little red one in the center. 


  1. It looks beautiful! I vote for barn red or green to match your doors.

  2. it's lovely!! I like how organized it is. I think goats can pull off a red barn!

  3. Those are some lucky goats.

  4. I'm horrible at picking paint colors lol. I like the shed. It's so cool!!

  5. Hi, May I ask, what are the dimensions of your goats shelf? I'm about to build one myself, and I need directions.

  6. The bench is about 2 feet wide and about six feet long. We have it low enough that the goats can jump up on it. Sorry for the delay in my answer; your comment ended up in my spam folder.


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