Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Not so smart turn out

This morning Jackson was sound and full of energy so I rode him in the arena.  We worked for 20 minutes -- 10 at walk and the other 10 mostly at trot with some yee-haw canter thrown in for good measure.  It was a lot of fun for both of us. 

Flash was off and his hooves were very muddy so I cleaned them out and put him in his stall where they could dry.  I suspect he has the same "wet = soft soles = hard footing = ouch" issue going on.  

This evening when I got home from work, I turned Jackson out in the arena for his evening chill pill time.  He was calm and relaxed, not racing around or blowing off steam.  I let Flash out into the pasture to walk around and stretch while I mucked and he still seemed a bit off.

Brett got home from work and I gave him the update.  He wanted to let Flash chill in the arena as well so I suggested putting them in together.  I figured Jackson was tired/mellow and Flash was sore so they would behave.  They haven't been able to hang together in months. 

Big mistake.

This behavior didn't exactly help either.  He's as bad as the horses.

I hope they can walk tomorrow.


  1. All i can say is WHOOOHOOOOOOO!!!


  2. Wow - you rode Jackson and did trot and canter - yipee! I'm so happy for you.
    The turn out pictures are great. I love the one of Brett running too. I hope they're okay, but I think they will be...

  3. I couldnt decide who, out of the three, gave the better peformance!!lol

  4. lol! I can almost hear them snorting, neighing, bucking, farting and galloping around...happy and carefree! The joy of being a horse at liberty with a friend. What fun!
    Even if they are a little sore, it will be worth it for just letting them be horses. :)


  5. Fabulous photos! Can they be together now? I find that they settle pretty quickly and are more content when they are in a herd setting. Can't wait to hear how they are doing today.

  6. Gorgeous pictures of gorgeous horses! I hope they are okay after the fact because it sure looks like they had some fun. :)


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