Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Limpy Gimpy Barn

I managed to get up early this morning again and finish the barn chores lickity-split.  Then I tacked up Flash and headed for the arena.  My thighs were screaming at me but I felt stronger (if that makes sense - sore but strong).  I rode Flash for about 30 minutes and he was so much better than yesterday.  He was forward sooner and more sensitive to my aids.  I was very pleased with the work.  I even tried some sitting trot and he had his back lifted so nicely that it was easy to ride him in a forward trot, sitting.  And, it didn't hurt!  Then or now, hours later.  I noticed that this saddle makes it much easier for me to keep my thigh rolled on - which is why they ached today I'm sure.  The rep wants me to ride in the saddle 5-6 times before deciding on whether I want to keep it -- but after 3 rides, I know the answer. 

Jackson was walking well this morning.  I did 10 minutes of handwalking in the arena and then let him graze in the orchard for another 15.

Kalvin looked like he was a tad off this morning so I alerted his owner.  She came up and confirmed that he is off and moved him into the barn.  He is off on the injured/fractured front which is not encouraging.  We're hoping he just tweaked it running around in the wind.  The barn is turning into a rehab unit with Kalvin and Jackson in there full time.  

When I got home from work, Brett and I headed to the barn for evening chores.  My friendship rhubarb is doing great.  It lost the leaves it arrived with but has replaced them with big healthy specimens.  I can't wait until next spring when I can eat friendship rhubarb pie!

I checked the flower beds on my way down.  The blanket flower is starting to bloom as is the tall iris.

I turned Jackson out in the arena so he could roll.  When I came to collect him to take him back to his stall (and dinner) he came running and bucking to meet me at the gate.  He dove into his bute/sweet feed.

After chores, the dogs and I headed back to the house for dinner.  Kersey had to take a lap in the pool first.

Dinner for us: salad (apples, blue cheese and radishes) and pasta with pesto.   Simple and quick.

Tomorrow the goat shed goes up.  Stay tuned!!


  1. Sounds like the saddle is a keeper. Sorry about the 2nd horse being gimpy...poor boy. Your dinner looks just like something we would have. Glad to see the rhubarb doing well.

    About the cabbage soup...Bone in a pot of water with onions (let the flavors blend for awhile). Then, add the carrots and cabbage...finally the potatoes. I put in cider vinegar and brown sugar (believe it or not, a couple of tablespoons of ketchup). Let me know how it turns out.

    Right now it is 38 degrees with more rain on the way. What a mess.

  2. Apples, blue cheese, and radishes...interesting combination. I'll have to try it.

    Enjoy your blog!

  3. The photo of Kersey swimming made me super happy.

  4. One of my favorite "quick meals"...pasta with pesto! and what a beautiful animal Kalvin is!

  5. Lovely pictures!


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