Saturday, May 14, 2011

Getting Ready

Tomorrow we are taking the horses up to the Central Coast on vacation.  Okay, we are taking Flash.  Jackson isn't sound enough to handle the trailer ride, much less the trails.  But Flash is going and that is most important.  We are going to cross a big item off of Brett's bucket list.  He is going to ride Flash on a cattle ranch.  I don't think he'll sleep tonight.  He washed his truck yesterday and the trailer today.  It is supposed to be raining tomorrow when we arrive so it will be instantly muddy but the man can't be stopped. 

This morning we woke to fog but it quickly burned off leaving a beautiful blue sky day.  Kalvin's owner agreed to swap bute with me - my peppermint flavored for her apple.  Jackson seemed fine this morning and I turned him out into the arena to chill for an hour this afternoon.  He spent his time eating stray leaves.  No crazy antics today.

A number of weeks ago, Brett discovered a bird's nest in the pool skimmer.  He immediately put the skimmer back without disturbing the eggs but he worried.  Then yesterday, he noticed a baby bird in the skimmer but no mama bird.  He was sure the baby was going to die and he felt horribly responsible.  Today, he saw the baby again and as he walked closer... mama bird flew out of the nest.  I think that made his day.

He's also been busy working on the goat shed.  He insisted on installing siding so it will match the house in style.  He tells me that it will also make the shed more durable but, honestly, does a shed have to last 100 years?  He finished putting siding on the shed porch yesterday.

Because it was such a beautiful afternoon, I did some work in the garden.  I really need to trim back the Jupiter's beard which is threatening to take over the path.  But, I just didn't have the energy.

Instead, I cut back the snapdragons in the flower bed.  They were higher than the rose bushes and hiding all the other flowers.  I tossed the cuttings to the chickens.  It looked like the girls were getting ready for a wedding or prom with all the flowers in there.

When I went to bring Jackson back into the barn, the fog was coming back in.  Drizzle in the forecast for
 tonight and tomorrow morning.

And, last but certainly not least, we have found our first goat.  He will be ready to come home in two weeks.  Here's a picture of the cutie -


  1. Whoa - you needed an extreme cuteness warning about the tiny goat picture!!

    Sorry Jackson can't go on your trip - hope you and Brett have a great time. :)

  2. Sounds like Brett and his pony are in for a good experience. Love the flowers in with the chickens...the goat "palace" is something! And that new goatie! So sweet.
    Have a great time and take lots of pictures.

  3. Sounds like a great vacation. I'll be looking forward to the write up and pictures.
    You guys have the most beautiful place, but then you work on it to make it that way. Gorgeous garden and shed! That baby goat couldn't be any cuter!!!

  4. Oh I also meant to say - the birds nest in the pool skimmer is amazing. So glad Brett saw it on time.

  5. Oh what a life! Can't wait to see a photo of the goat house and your house together! Yea for the baby bird and that will be one lucky goat!

  6. Have fun!!!

    And omg squeee at the baby goat.

  7. What a fun adventure! Brett sure is a sweet man...what lucky birdies!

    That baby goat is to die for Annette! Can you please UPS him over to Dream Valley Ranch? :)
    Have a great trip and tell Jackson that I laughed at the previous post and his opinions about bananas and peppermint bute!

    Sue and the crew

  8. Hope Jackson is feeling better soon. Sounds like Brett and Flash are going to have a blast riding together.

    Your flowers are beautiful and I'm sure the girls will look lovely for their prom dates with all those flowers covering their pen.

  9. That goat is so cute!!

    I'm excited for Brett. I hope he has a lot of fun at the ranch. :D

    The shed looks great too.


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