Saturday, May 21, 2011

Progress on all fronts

Today the sky was blue with no clouds to block the sun.  This morning Jackson was sound despite working on the longe yesterday at trot with a few laps of yee-haw canter.  I decided to ride him and see how that went.  We started in the arena and then took a walk down the back driveway.

When we got to the gate and turned around to go back to the arena, he slowed waaaaaaaaay down.  I called over to Brett who was in the arena on Flash and we went for a walk around the block.  I kept Jackson on the bridle path, on grass when possible, and avoided gravel.  He did great.  It takes about 24 hours for gimpiness to show up after overdoing things, so I won't be able to declare him okay for bridle trail work until the morning.  I put Jackson away and he thanked me profusely for letting him escape the confines of his stall and the arena. 

Brett continued working on the goat shed.  He has almost completed the siding and will be ready to paint soon.  In the meantime, I think he has gotten a little too comfortable out there. 

He has to re-build the dutch door somewhat.  We want to be able to close the top and open the bottom so the goats can go in and out with protection from the weather.  The way the door was built, you can close the bottom leaving the top open but not the other way around. 

I puttered around in the garden; deadheading flowers, pulling weeds, mourning the baby pears on the ground - the tree dropped 80% of its crop in the last rain storm. 

Hummingbirds are everywhere.  They love Jupiter's Beard (one of the reasons I planted it). 

Most of the ranch critters were sleeping in the sun, including Sage and Basil.


  1. I'm glad that Jackson is doing better and I hope he won't have any problems from his walks. I love the pictures of your ranch and goat house.--Inger

  2. A few more food items and a comfortable chair and I can sleep in there.

  3. A beautiful day here too. Why can't your horse go out on pasture? So glad you were able to ride him. Look at the size of those tomatoes. We have not planted anything but onions leeks and spinach so far. I agree, Brett just might be planning to move in with the goats. Their palace is beautiful.

  4. Good to hear Jackson is doing a lot better, Brett seems to be moving out of the house into the Goat house? Great work Brett!

  5. Loved the iced tea shot : )
    I can't believe how far ahead your garden is. Tomato envy here. The goats better wipe their feet before entering that beautiful new shed!

  6. Glad to hear there's improvement--here's hoping for much more. Sorry about your pears--that's heart-breaking. We've lost a lot this year, too, from unpredictable, cold weather. It is heart-breaking to see the damage to our trees. And last, I agree with Brett--that could be a guest house! Your goats will have the life!

  7. Lucky Jackson! I hope he is Bridle Trail Ready because that just sounds so nice!

    Can't wait til the goat shed is occupied by the real tenants...though Brett looks pretty darned comfy! Love your hat Brett!

    Scritches to all the lovely critters,
    Sue and the crew

  8. The new shed looks great!
    And its good to hear the saddle is allready sold, to bad it wasn't to me! haha ;-)

    I'll find my dad a new one soon!

  9. I want some of that Jupiter's Beard. That Hummingbird picture is incredible!

    I'm glad Jackson did so well. I hope he passes the twenty four hour test. :)


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