Sunday, May 1, 2011

A Visit From Liz

Today, Liz came up for Jackson's monthly acupressure and bodywork appointment.  Liz is a wonderful blend of traditional veterinary knowledge and holistic approaches to equine health.  here is her bio if you are intrigued. 

She worked on Jackson first. 
Who, me?  Yes, Jackson, you.

She started here.  He was tight and restricted from the tension of pain in his hoofs.

Brett and Flash patiently waited their turn.  Flash snacked on the grass and Brett relaxed.

Next, Liz worked on those painful feet.

Whatever she was doing sure felt good!

It was a warm, breezy day.  Perfect for a dust bath.

Jackson loves Liz.

It's mutual.

Brett and Passage got comfortable. 

After working on Jackson, Liz took a look at Flash.  After Brett's last deployment, Flash's back was really REALLY sore.  Liz is also a trained saddle fitter so we asked her to look at the fit.  As we suspected (and feared) the saddle no longer fits.  Flash has been working well with his hind and it has developed nicely -- so nicely that his western saddle pinches in the back. 

This afternoon we drove down to San Diego where there is a large tack store we like.  We found a saddle there in a brand she recommended for his build.  We brought it home on trial and Flash seems to be very comfortable.  The best thing is that is less expensive than his current saddle.  Brett should be able to sell his existing saddle for almost what the new one will cost.  Phew!  It feels like a saddle shop around here with all the saddles coming and going!

Liz and I talked extensively about Jackson and his on-again-off-again lameness.  She recommended keeping him on soft footing until he has been sound for a month.  So, he will be on stall rest with hand walking and turn out in the sandy arena.  I talked to our vet this evening and she concurs.  She warned me that this could take a very long time to heal.  So, I'm settling in for the long haul. 

Although I'd prefer to be riding Jackson, I am happy to have a plan of attack and a timeline.  I can deal with waiting a long time if it means he'll be sound in the long run. 


  1. Liz sounds great. It's clear the animals love her, so she must be doing something right :)
    It's nice that Flash is developing well in his back. Glad you can switch saddles easily.
    Love all the pictures! Happy animals and happy Brett.

  2. It sounds like a plan!...May I ask?...Over here, and please dont take this the wrong way. Sand is considered to be a hard surface, and we avoid it for lameness issues.

    Due to its compaction. especially when wet. Its just a thought.

  3. so if I come to your place and stay in the stall can Liz work on me? :)

    Poor Jackson and his feet. it can take a long time to develop the sole.


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