Friday, May 27, 2011

Visit from the Sand Man

This morning we had sand delivered for the arena.  We got a total of 6 trailer fulls.  Four yesterday, two today. 

Brett had his work cut out for him.  First he spent a couple hours spreading the sand evenly in the arena.  Then he went back to painting the shed. 

The three Nigerian Dwarf goats will arrive on June 12th -- they won't be old enough to leave mama until then.  The two African Pygmy goats were just born this past week.  We get to go visit them Sunday.  It will be six to eight weeks before we bring them home.  The Nigerian Dwarf breeder encourages bottle feeding as she feels it builds the bond between owner and goat.  We will bottle feed them when they come home. The African Pygmy breeder is a firm believer in mama goat milk only, no bottle feeding.  So we will have to wait until they are weaned to bring them home.  I understand both positions.

I was going to blog about why we have dry lots for our horses instead of grass pasture (a question I received) but I had too much wine with dinner and am having trouble typing... much less thinking.  So, I will post about that tomorrow.  I had my annual mammogram this afternoon so the wine was medicinal.   I mean, after going through that (why WHY does it have to hurt so much), wine is a necessity. 


  1. Owwww! Here's to the sisterhood of mammograms. If men had a similar procedure they would have invented an alternative technology long ago. I do like to visualize a Man-o-gram :)

  2. The arena is going to be fabulous with all that new sand. Do I ever love the goat won't be long now. Hope you got some good sleep after your wine last night. It only hurts for a little while....

  3. nice sand. Can I ask what you use? is it for turnout only or for the riding ring as well?
    I love the goat house. :)

  4. oh and I know about the mammograms. I think we need the medicine before not after! or both before and after!!! lol

  5. The goat house looks great! I prefer mother raised babies. Bottle fed babies are total pests!! Mother raised ones are just as friendly, but they are much more respectful and not as pushy or LOUD! You're going to have so much fun with all of them.

    I hope the mammogram went well and that it doesn't hurt too bad or at least passes quickly.

    Congrats on the sand!


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