Friday, May 13, 2011

Jackson Makes His Opinion Known

I've been out of town for a few days.  Jackson was not pleased.  Brett was here to watch over him and give him attention but I guess it wasn't enough. 

The first evening I was gone, Brett turned Jackson out in the arena while Brett did barn chores.  I've been doing the same every evening for the past month.  Jackson will walk around eating stray leaves, perhaps roll, and trot a wee bit.  When Brett turned him out, he started racing around and charged into the middle of this pile of blocks I use for caveletti.

When Brett went into the arena to pick them back up, he noticed that Jackson had hit one of the blocks edging the arena and sent a piece flying.  That had to hurt!

Yesterday, he lost a shoe.  Our farrier came up this morning and put it back on. 

I got back home late this afternoon and immediately went down to the barn to see my boy.   He glared at me.

I had a peace offering with me.  I read somewhere that a study was done on horses' favorite flavors.  Banana won.

He refused the banana

Flash had the same opinion.
Passage was the only friendly face in the barn.  She was checking the aisle for intruders.

I decided to take Jackson out and walk him around on the longe line a bit.  I was concerned that he might be sore after losing the shoe and breaking the cement block. 
He offered to carry the longe line out to the arena for me.

I longed him for just a couple minutes.  He was a bit off.
I put him back in his stall and mixed some bute with sweet feed since he was sore.  I opened a new jar of bute as we finished up the last one a few days ago.  This new bute is peppermint flavored.  The last jar was apple flavored.  He refused to eat the peppermint.  1g of bute mixed with two heaping handfuls of yummy sweet feed and he wouldn't touch it.  He took one bite (to make me happy) and promptly spit it out. 

It's nice to be missed but, honestly, I think this was taking things too far.

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  1. Poor pouty Jackson! My horses loved bananas when I was a kid. :)

    Is there a reason you can't use paste bute in a tube? It always irritates when they won't eat meds because horse meds are so expensive lol. I hope you can find something that works. That must have hurt breaking that cinder block.


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