Sunday, May 22, 2011

Goats dominate the day

This morning we rushed through chores, gobbled breakfast, and headed down the mountain to meet two of our new goats.  They aren't weaned yet, only three weeks old.  We will get them for keeps in three more weeks.  The goat breeder lives out in the wine country of Temecula and we got so distracted by the rolling golden hills and vineyards, that we missed our turn and just kept on going.  We finally re-focused, made a u-turn, and arrived.

First up:  Little Bear

Followed by Thistle.  We weren't able to put Thistle on the ground as he comes from a different breeder and she drove him over to the house.  He is also about 3 weeks old and has never been on a leash.  So, we just held him in the driveway.  He dozed off in my arms...

When we got home, Brett went to work painting the goat palace.  I love, love, LOVE the color.

I think the color of the shed in the background matches the shrub roses perfectly.  
While Brett was painting, I took my new weight loss program Kersey for a walk.  We didn't get far before meeting a new neighbor.  Dogs and children are the best way to meet people.  As it turns out, she recently got some goats so I had to meet them.  Kersey went for a swim in her pool.   After a long visit, Kersey and I continued on our way.

I let Jackson graze around the property for awhile this afternoon.  The pasture is still half mud and half hard-pack so he can't go out there until it completely dries and he is no longer sore.  Bucking and racing around on the hard pack is a sure fire way to have a gimpy Jackson.  This evening, I turned him out in the arena for his "chill" time.  He was hyper on the lead, even faked a nip at my arm.  He jerked back before making contact (I am very firm about him respecting my space).  I chased him around a bit and he was running, bucking and grinning from ear to ear.  Seriously.  He'd run to the end.  Turn and face me, ears pricked, neck arched, and chew.  It feels good in my gut.  I think I may have my horse back soon.

Dinner tonight was crab salad.  I have put on some serious weight and I am seriously wigging out about it.  I didn't weigh this much when I was pregnant!  So, dog walks and more salads until I can ride consistently again.


  1. the salad looks amazing! i would be on a permanent diet if i could prepare salads that looked like that haha :D
    and as for the goats, i'm not a goat person after being chased and butted by one when i was small, but your new babies are way too irresistably cute!!!

  2. I;m clueless looking at a baby goat. (I have better luck with adults.) Other that winning the incredibly cute award, what kind of goats are they?

  3. Oh, those pictures make me want to breed one of my does. I've never done it before, but I would LOVE to have babies again. They are beyond cute!!!

  4. I can't wait until those goaties are in their palace. Excellent color choice. Yum. Great looking salad.

  5. That sounds like a fantastic day!!I love your goat palace and those goats! Who knew goats were so cute? I guess you do. xo teri

  6. Goats are adorable and food looks delish!

  7. I love the goat house color too. Gorgeous. Those extremely cute little goats are going to love it.
    So glad Jackson is getting better and better. Also, I wouldn't mind dieting if the menu looked like that - wow - what an amazing salad plate.

  8. I am so happy to hear about Jackson. The goats are adorable. I love the colour of the goat house it is as nice a house as I lived in as a child. Lucky goats. B

  9. They are beautiful! So this is who gets to live in the new digs?

  10. Aww the babies are so cute. I named one of my kids Thistle, only it was a girl. I named all of my females after flowers. Males were trees, vines, etc. The shed is looking great.

    I'm glad Jackson is feeling better. :D


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