Monday, May 30, 2011

Meeting Whiskey and Cowboy

Yesterday we woke to rain.  In May!  And not only was it May, it was the last weekend in May.  Bizarre.  We NEVER get rain in May. 

The horses were wet and muddy when they came into the barn for their buckets.  Jackson especially -- and, of course, I had just bathed him the day before.

By the afternoon, the rain had stopped but it was still cold and blustery.  We went over to visit the two baby African Pygmy goats we have been waiting for.  They were only a few days old and so cute.  The breeder registers her goats with song names.  Because we pre-ordered these guys, we got to pick the names: Whiskey (Whiskey For My Men) and Cowboy (Cowboy Take Me Away).  The goats look identical other than one being slightly larger (he was an only child so no sharing womb space for him) so I can't differentiate them in the pictures. 

We celebrated Camille's birthday last night.  I scored big time on her gift -- concert tickets to see Taylor Swift in August.  She has the lyrics to almost every song memorized and has every album on her iPod.  She is crazy about Taylor Swift the way I was crazy about John Denver when I was her age.  She was thrilled.  I baked her birthday cake (chocolate with chocolate whipped cream frosting and strawberries between the layers) but I didn't have any candles.  Oops.  We improvised...


  1. The kidlets are irresistible. Interesting comparison between Taylor Swift and John Denver, both unique voices and lyrics with something to them. Weather very unseasonal here too.

  2. So tiny! Love the names also. Will you be getting some girls also?

  3. Soooooooo cute! Baby goats are precious :) You must be excited to get them moved in to your delux goat palace ;)

  4. Whiskey and Cowboy. You must be getting anxious to have them home with you and Brett. Could you please send me a couple pieces of that cake? Splendiferous!

    How is the rhubarb doing?

  5. Those little babies are soooo cute!

  6. Yummy looking cake!

    The kids are gorgeous! I miss my goats. :(


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