Monday, May 2, 2011

Getting an Early Start

This morning I got up with the sun and hightailed it down to the barn.  Brett was working so I had barn chores by myself and I wanted enough time to ride Flash in my new saddle.  I fed the horses, bunnies and chickens, mucked the pasture, fed the dogs, rode Flash, handwalked Jackson, and medicated his feet.  In 2 hours.  I was impressed with myself.  Of course, I only rode Flash 25 minutes but still...  And that was without coffee. 

I wanted to ride Flash so I could make sure my new dressage saddle is comfortable for me at the trot and canter.  When I picked the model, the rep told me that some women find the twist very uncomfortable at canter and sitting trot.  She wanted me to ride in it a lot at those gaits and make sure I could still function afterwards.  I didn't sit Flash's trot today but we did canter quite a bit.  The saddle was very comfortable.  Yay!  Next time, I'll try sitting trot. 

It was interesting riding Flash because he is so different from Jackson.  Flash is a bit of a slug, heavy in my hands, and slow to wake up.  But, he is very balanced.  He has learned to lift his back and use his butt (kudos to Brett - last time I rode him which was months ago he didn't do either), so his canter was a dream.  Jackson is incredibly light in my hands and responsive to my leg but he also not balanced.  His canter is a strung-out, falling in and out, careening kind of thing. 

After a month of not being able to ride Jackson my fitness level was in the toilet.  5 minutes of trot work and I was huffiing and puffing.  I'm going to try and get up early again tomorrow and give it another shot. 

I'm not sure if I'll be able to pop out of bed at the crack of dawn again though.  I'm feeling emotionally wiped out over the whole Bin Laden thing.  Honestly, I didn't think I'd be so affected by his death.   Last night, I felt overwhelming relief.  Today, I have been incredibly sad.  I can't even say exactly why.  I think it just brought back all the grief and rawness of the years of loss.  So, here I am little miss poet-wanna-be, feeling overwhelming grief -- and I can't even explain it in words.  


  1. Good news about the saddle.

    Well Miss wanna be poet...when the time is right, you should write a poem about your feelings regarding OBL. It will be something.

    I think you are right about Brett and Gary. What about the goat palace, how is it coming along? And is the rhubarb starting to grow?

  2. Glad you're getting some riding in. I understand how fast you can get out of shape :). The weather here in NS keeps me out of the saddle and it seems I'm out of shape in a few days.
    I can't know what you feel about Bin Laden as a U.S. citizen, but I understand the conflicting emotions. I'm facinated by the 'story' of the Navy Seals raid, glad the hunt is over, glad the victims' families have closure, but being glad about any death doesn't feel right either.
    I'm sure you'll put your thoughts and emotions into a poem. You're very good at it. Hope you feel stronger soon.

  3. Ok, I did it. I wrote the poem. It's on my "Hoofprints" blog (side bar for link). glad I did it - I have a better understanding of my reaction as a result. Thanks Lori and Carol for encouraging me.

  4. I'm glad the saddle was comfortable to ride in!!

    I'm glad the poem helped too. I'll have to go read it in a minute. :)


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