Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Counting the days

Today was beautiful.  Clear, warm but not hot (around 60F), and just a touch of a breeze.  The nights are slowly warming up as well -- we almost made it out of the 30s last night. 

We were up early this morning to feed before heading down the mountain for yoga.  We haven't been able to go to our regular evening class because the highway is still closing at night for construction.  They anticipate it will continue to close nights until October.  So, we talked to our favorite instructor at the yoga studio and arranged to take a class with her, at her home, in San Juan Capistrano which is at the bottom of the mountain highway.  She was able to give us a class early so we could be back home in time for me to be at the computer in our home office for work.  It was wonderful.  Our goal is to go twice a week.  I'm hoping my core will be strong by the time Jackson is back to regular work. 

Brett was busy planting a Western Sycamore by the goat shed.  ...and installing a sprinkler line for it.  ...which caused blisters because the ground is full of rock.  I'm guessing it will be his turn to need wine tonight.

When I went down to the barn this afternoon, Jackson was anxious to come out.  I've never had a horse who loves to work as much as Jackson.  He was walking okay last night and this morning so I tacked him up with plans to just walk around the arena in the sand for 10 minutes or so.
Wouldya stop with camera already and put my bridle on?  I'm READY to go.
Well, he thought he was ready to go.  When I hopped on and we started walking around the arena, I could tell he was uncomfortable.  So, I jumped back off, stripped off the tack, and let him chill.  When he was done, he came to the gate and waited for me to get him.

I went back up the house and recorded the results in my Jackson journal -- which is a calendar I keep specific to our training.  Lately, it's been a journal of his feet.  I counted the number of days each month that he has been sore since this started.  It made me feel much better.  Definite improvement!

This whole business started March 23rd.  He was sore everyday after that in March.

April: 19 days of lameness or being off.  Lots of "lame" or "very lame" days.

May: Only six days and those were mostly "slightly off." 
This is an excellent trend, don't you think?? 


  1. That is so neat that you keep a journal. Jackson is so lucky to have you looking out for him. I hope your tree can be well protected. Goats love nothing more than a nice tree (to eat).

  2. Glad that Jackson is improving. I hope Brett is going to put some serious protection around those new trees so the goaties don't eat them.
    I give you guys a lot of credit for going to yoga 2 times a week. Gary goes once a week (while I'm in the barn).

  3. I'm glad Jackson is improving. Dealing with lameness so long must be incredibly frustrating.


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