Sunday, December 23, 2012

Sunday Stills: Holiday Lights

The tree is decorated, the presents are under the tree, and holiday fudge and cookies are in bowls strewn around the great room.

The tree is decorated with multi-colored lights and an eclectic mix of ornaments.  The tree does not have a theme, other than memories of places, friends and family.
An ornament made by my son (who will be 21 on New Years Day).
A fuzzy stork; a gift from my mother when the kids were young.  It makes us laugh.
A snowman from my friend, Sylvie, who lives in France.
Another gift from my parents: from a trip they took to Russia

The stockings are hung by the chimney, waiting for Santa.  On Christmas Eve, Brett and I battle over who goes to bed first so we can fill the other's stocking without being watched.  I put all the gifts under the tree but stockings are never filled until Christmas Eve.

This afternoon my son, Kyle, arrived.  I'm making turkey, mashed potatoes and gravy, stuffing and homemade rolls for dinner.  Kyle and Camille spent Thanksgiving with their father this year so I picked up a turkey to make for them.  Camille is working tonight so she won't be here until tomorrow.  The turkey is huge so there will be plenty for her to nibble on in the coming days.  Turkey sandwiches, turkey soup, turkey enchiladas... the list is endless.

We had rain this morning, a break this afternoon, and more rain tonight.  I hope Santa's reindeer don't get stuck in the mud.


  1. best kind of ornaments ever. enjoy!

  2. You're great room looks very inviting and I love your tree decorations! It sounds like you are going to have a sweet Christmas with the kids, topped off with lots of that outstanding food you prepare. Cheers and hugs to all of you from Skoog Farm. (That includes all the critters too, so don't forget when you go out to do chores).

  3. Not surprisingly your home looks stunning. I'm so glad you shared it with those of us who didn't decorate! LOL Have a wonderful Christmas with your family and hugs to you all.

  4. Such a warm and welcoming house. Have a wonderful Christmas!

  5. Have a great Christmas, Annette.

    Our decorations are quite like yours, bits and pieces accumulated over the years, many of which bring to mind a place or a person. It's strange but nice to be in my sister's home with all of her decorations around :)

  6. This is a bit off topic and relates to Jackson. I wanted to share a technique I learned from a fellow horsewoman in treating suspected abcesses.
    Shred a potato and place it in a soaking boot. Put the boot on the foot that might have the abcess and leave it for 12 - 24 long as it will stay on. The potato will soften the sole and draw out any toxins, allowing the abcess to open and drain. The potato and boot protect the foot from getting any additional bacteria introduced into the hole.
    If you don't have a boot, make a criss-cross pattern of duct tape, wide enough to fit around and up the hoof. Place the potato in a heavy-duty plastic bag, place the hoof into the bag. Have the horse step into the center of the duct tape and bring the ends up and around the plastic bag to secure.
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    Many of my horse friends swear by this technique. It's a more conservative approach than digging around, looking for a sore spot.
    I hope it helps...but I also hope you don't have to use it. It hurts to see our animals in pain.


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