Saturday, December 8, 2012

A Full House

Yesterday morning Brett bought our Christmas tree.  We set it up and waited for Camille to come up today with her friend, Kelly.

Camille pulled into the driveway a bit after noon.  I was sitting at the breakfast nook table eating some sourdough bread and cheese looking out the window and watching her park.  The back door of her car opened and out popped Kyle.  He had finished his finals and driven to his dad's last night.  He hitched a ride up here with his sister and will spend the entire weekend with us. 

Camille and Kelly got to work decorating the tree and the interior of the house.  Kyle took the rest of the lights and went outside.  We saw him measuring and then looping the lights across the front railing and the pool fence.  You can tell he's an engineering major.

Meanwhile, I baked cookies and apricot bread, a tradition in my family.

I made tacos for dinner.  There wasn't a scrap left for the chickens.  A fire is dancing in the wood stove.  I'm a happy mama.


  1. Wow ... Christmas preparation seems to be in full swing :-)

  2. It's so nice when all the little chicks are home under the one roof, isn't it!

  3. aw how fun. I can't wait for my kids to come home for Christmas!

  4. I can read the smile on your face. What an absolutely FANTASTIC day!!!! :)

  5. Is the apricot bread recipe one you can share? It was a great holiday weekend on this side of the country too!!


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