Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Breakfast at Aspen Meadows

The breakfast routine is always the same down at the barn.  While Brett mixes the individual buckets of vitamins, medications, and carrots the horses mill around waiting to be let into their stalls.  Winston, in particular, circles endlessly and harasses the others.  Meanwhile I let the dogs out, feed the goats, and feed the rabbits.

They are all a muddy, muddy mess after the last rain.  Our soil is clay so the water runs off and leaves the ground slick, or it pools in low spots and then clings to your boots.

While the horses are eating their buckets, I start pushing the muck cart around picking up the manure from the night before.  Jackson comes out of his paddock and rolls.  When Brett pushes the hay cart into the pasture, Jackson trots after him into his paddock.  And then Brett lets the rest of the herd out.  Flash comes out first, taking his sweet time walking down to the hay bins.  Winston follows, pushy as always, anxious to get to the hay.  Mufasa comes out last, making a wide swing around the other two and going to the furthest bin which he shares with the donkeys -- being a benevolent king, and all.

Today was sunny and warm so the ground is, thankfully, starting to dry.  Brett came down with a bad cold while we were in SF for the wedding and he seems to have passed it on to me.  Generous guy...  I'll post more when I get my energy back.


  1. sorry about the colds. and the mud!

    that winston is a pickle. :)

  2. Were we on the same wavelength today or what? Sorry about the colds. Does Jackson go in the barn too?

  3. Oh take care of your cold I do hope you are feeling better soon. It sure is muddy it is muddy here too but I suspect it will be ice very soon:) B

  4. I do know how it is. Rain again, and mud, slime and slick ground!

  5. Love the eyes + ears in pictures three and four...

    Feel better soon!

  6. Muddy horses! I know all about that!

    I hope your cold is a simple "3-day" cold and you get better soon.

  7. So good to catch up. Hope the colds don't hang around too long.
    You have no idea what muddy means! :) It's been rainy and warm here in NS and our construction site is a wet bog.


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