Sunday, December 2, 2012

Getting Married at the Zoo

We weren't at all sure how the wedding was going to go at the zoo, in the rain.  I wore a black skirt with black boots, a sweater, and my raincoat.  Brett had a big black umbrella and no raincoat (we live in Southern California afterall).  A shuttle bus drove us from our hotel to the zoo at 3:15.  When we got to the zoo entrance, it was barricaded and police cars with light bars flashing blue and red prevented us from entering.  Our shuttle driver drove to the employee entrance but the gate was locked tight.  He got on his cell phone and after three or four conversations, drove to another entrance.  Fire trucks lined the street, working on a structure fire across from the zoo, but he dropped us off anyway.  We walked down the street, under our umbrellas, to a side entrance where zoo staff waited with golf cart shuttles.  We climbed in and were zipped to the banquet hall, a big stone and heavy wood beam building.  A fire burned in the fireplace and candles were glowing on the mantle.  We were snug, warm and dry.  The service was beautiful.  The bride and groom glowed with love and happiness.  Brett's brother's wife, Krista, whispered to me "Are you crying already?" as Katie walked down the aisle with her father on one arm and her mother on the other. 

After the ceremony, quick pictures were taken in front of the fireplace where they had exchanged their vows.

We tumbled into the reception area and got in line for a drink.  They had a bar set up in a tent erected right outside the reception area of the hall.
Brett's cousins Frank & Murray, Brett's sister Dana, Brett, Brett's brother Kurt
We put on our raincoats, opened our umbrellas, and walked in the pouring rain to the carousel.  Inside, we set down our glasses and shook off our wet coats before climbing onto an animal.  Brett chose to ride a lion in honor of his new horse, Mufasa.  I rode sidesaddle on a grey.  The bride made a beautiful picture, sitting sidesaddle, her dress flowing behind her, leaning towards her new husband and laughing.

 Then it was back through the rain to the banquet hall which had been set up, in our absence, with tables for dinner.  There were toasts, dinner, and then dancing.  The cake was unique to say the least.  Have you ever seen a wedding cake like this?

It tasted delicious, too.  This was certainly the most unique wedding I've ever been to and the most fun, as well.

We wish Katie and Owen many years filled with love, laughter and warm memories.  


  1. So fun and I was wondering starting out reading what would happen! Love the cake BUT the picture of Brett there is my favorite - hope we get to see one of you too!

  2. the cake is perfect for the venue! congrats to them for a great day!

  3. oh it sounds like such a wonderful day. I love the idea of marrying in a zoo!

  4. That carousel would have been some venue for a photo shoot! How unique!

  5. THAT has got to be a memorable wedding!

  6. Ha-ha! That would have been fun, I am sure! Such an event space San Francisco puts life in every age group, be it a kid, teenage or an oldie. I really liked the idea of getting married at such a place, I will plan some party here definitely someday.


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