Wednesday, December 12, 2012

For Leontien

I know a lot of my readers also follow Leontien, the spunky young woman living her American dairy dream in Indiana.  She has also been fighting cancer.  Yesterday she posted an update and, well, my heart started to bleed.  I woke this morning and wrote a poem; my way of processing the emotions and thoughts spinning and sinking inside of me.

I posted the poem on my poetry website: Hoofprints in my Garden

Please hold Leontien in your hearts and send her prayers of strength. 


  1. your poem brought tears all over again...

  2. She is an AMAZING lady and I'm so hopeful that I can have that attitude when my time is short. She is truly inspiring no matter what and your poem is lovely.

  3. Yes, such a sad, sad story.
    I visited, I read, I cried and I left prayers and good wishes, if only there were more I could do...

  4. That is a beautiful poem. Leontien's post was so heart breaking. Do you have her address? Nancy has links on A Rural Journal. I didn't know if you knew. I just sent Leontien a card.


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